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Over Their Storied Career, The Alt-Rock Band From Puerto Rico Has Been Nominated To The Latin Grammy 6 times with their 3 previous albums, including for Best New Artist. The Long-awaited Album is Accompanied With the Premiere of their New Single “Si Tú Te Vas”.

The wait is over. After 13 years, the alt-rock band CIRCO, is back with the long-awaited release of their new album “Adiós Hola.” The album’s release is accompanied by the premiere of the single “Si Tú Te Vas.” To mark their triumphant return to the music scene as CIRCO, the multiple Latin GRAMMY® nominees decided to release one single per week starting with “La Tormenta”, followed by “Tantos Años”, “Las Joyas” and concluding today with “Si Tu Te Vas.”

On December 2019, Fofé, Egui, David and Orlando returned to the recording studio to work on what would be their first album in thirteen years as CIRCO. The new album was recorded in its entirety in Puerto Rico. What we know today as the Verano Intenso (Intense Summer) of 2019 in Puerto Rico served as the backdrop for the band’s reunion. It was during this time that the band reunited for a celebratory concert that ignited the creative spark which kicked off the pre-production phase for “Adiós Hola.” The album’s title signifies the goodbye to the band’s 13-year hiatus and hello to the new chapter that starts with “Adiós Hola.”

The album was recorded amidst earthquakes in Puerto Rico and a global Pandemic. All of these situations are reflected and served as inspiration for the new album “Adiós Hola”. The band’s front man, Fofé, describes the album as: “It is a mystic journey inspired by drastic changes, unexpected separations, inevitable moves and the nostalgia inspired by missing our loved ones who are no longer there.”

With their characteristic sound, the band talks about everyday topics in their lyrics infused with the magic realism that is abundant in their music. They contrast nostalgia and melancholy with a touch of sarcasm and irony, and blend it seamlessly with rhythms that take the listener on a journey to a parallel universe. Each song is a celebration of feelings and the importance of being alive; giving everything in each song.

The new album has a piece of each band member, creating a timeless album that is not influenced by passing styles. It is a collaborative process in both music and lyrics, where each band member is essential in bringing their talent as musicians and songwriters. The new album is a mixture of influences including retro pop, electro, alternative, new wave, post punk and psychedelia all blended together to create CIRCO’s signature sound.

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