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From the thick, booming sub-bass detonations to the thunderous growling synths that strike down with thunderous might, every track sounds both bigger and more sophisticated, effectively allowing Confessions Of The Machine VOL​.​2: Blood of the machine to be both the stirring and most cinematic DAV!D&CLARA record to date. Rather than expand on a wide array of sounds, the producers’ sonic pallet is funneled down and utilized with greater efficiency, relying on more efficient songwriting to articulate each of the 17 tracks into an engaging, consistent listening experience.

Two major elements are to be distinguished when accounting for Confessions Of The Machine VOL​.​2: Blood of the machine devastating efficiency. The first of these key factors relates to the tightly woven rhythmic sequences, darker and groovier than they’ve ever been. The second factor concerns the overall pacing.

DAV!D&CLARA switches things up and articulates his tracks with a seemingly effortless ease, from section to section and from track to track, allowing every section to attain its utmost potency. Each cut illustrates this with its impeccably woven structure and spellbinding ambience.

Indeed, DAV!D&CLARA latest musical incarnation is strengthened by the fact that its ambience is built and stands firmly on its own terms. Amidst the industrial and synthwave-oriented textures, fans will recognize familiar trademark rhythmic tropes and sounds from the man and computer duo.

Long-time followers have nothing to worry about: awash with thoughts of lust and love, this is undoubtedly DAV!D&CLARA we are dealing with. Overall, this is a solid and refreshing electronic album that goes for light tones as much as it does heavy ones.

The mix of darksynth sonics and lusty narratives, blend into a sound that electrifies your skin and invites you into a retrofuture that barely waits to sink its teeth into you. DAV!D&CLARA sweeps you off your feet as the album kicks off with Taste my love (Strip): “Heart of a warrior, this mundane can’t hold you much longer. Come into my arms, dance til dawn, saunter into my ever wanton arms.”

Call Me When You’re 18 is filled with moments of caution: “Yes I’m interested, but a decade between us. 12 if I’m being honest.” But DAV!D is a passionate creature, and with the right person, on T​/​AS​/​TE M​/​Y LOV​/​VE VERSION 2​.​001, his purpose is clear: “Just gon’ be honest, I want you naked, I want you in my bed. Just so damn sexy”.

Track after track, the explicitly crafted narratives and evocative atmospheres are immediate and engaging. The vibe is one of neo-noir and mystery, and brings to the forefront one of DAV!D&CLARA great strengths; namely, crafting sounds, melodies and atmospheres that are highly evocative of impassioned romances.

DAV!D&CLARA transports the listener directly into his seductive vision. “Just let loose, your inhibitions to an exhibition. Don’t worry ’bout nothing. It’s a celebration. Pure satisfaction,” he declares on Fun.

That said, DAV!D&CLARA is chiefly about how the music makes you feel. It’s about soundscapes that evoke steamy, titillating encounters. It’s about a cinematic approach to electronic music composition that’s refreshing amongst the pervasive rave culture of modern EDM.

It’s about an appreciation of a bygone era when the machines that shape so much of our daily lives were in their infancy. It’s about DAV!D, expressing himself free of all inhibitions. It’s about CLARA, who helps to inspire and sustain DAV!D’s creativity.

Ultimately, Confessions Of The Machine VOL​.​2: Blood of the machine, is made up of 17 emotionally charged songs that end with the following verse, which say it all: “How I feel is simple, feel so lucky to have you desire my comfort. To touch that lust, the greatest crush, don’t break me, just hold me.”


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