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Born in New York City, NY, but now residing in Seattle, WA, Deez Beatz has been producing music for over 20 years. He owns two production studios, situated in Centralia WA, and Memphis TN, which he co-owns with C.T.F Entertainment. C.T.F Muzik (Circle Tight Forever) is a growing brand which Deez Beatz shares with co-owner Stik Mane What and Jae Reload (from the group Str8hood). Deez Beatz refined his craft of editing, mixing and production from, while he also thanks Kamakaze & Wavii Banko (also from Str8hood) and gives a shoutout to the newest addition to the CTF family – Richie Waterz, the baby of the family and the son of Stik Mane What.  This extensive preamble is the necessary introduction to “Mind Control” – the latest project from the award-winning producer Deez Beatz of C.T.F Muzik.

The 16 track mixtape, featuring various artists, as well as a few handpicked guest co-producers, demonstrates that the production pioneer and sound-smith extraordinaire Deez Beatz, knows how to put together a damn good project. One nice touch with “Mind Control” is the feature appearances.

Rather than trying to shoehorn in hot new wave mumble rappers to create artificial hype and buzz on streaming services, Deez Beatz brings in real rappers who have bars and stories. The producer himself kicks off the recording with the cinematic “Your Betta Than That” to set the tone of the project.

C.T.F. Deez Beatz

Next up, comes the hard banging percussion of “House Party Muzik”, with Jae Reload lighting up the mic. At this point the mixtape is already firing on all cylinders, and leaves a lane for Richie Waterz to slide into with “Grind”. Produced by Deez Beatz x Stik Mane, this is another head-banging beat.

Wavii Banko introduces quick-witted wordplay on “Insanity”, while Deez Beatz keeps fine tuning his kick drum until it sounds like a heartbeat. Kamakaze takes to the mic, unleashing his twisted flow on “Ain’t No Going Back”, and by this time it’s clear that the percussive bang is Deez Beatz’ production calling card. The man knows how to lay down a drumbeat like few others.

Stik Mane What rolls into a soulful and melodic rhythm and soul mix on “Don’t Ask”, as his resonating voice rises above the noise. He also co-produced this one along with Deez Beatz. “Hitman” is another mesmerizing banger, which sees Vibe Tyson on the mic, and behind the boards with Deez Beatz. This one’s ready for the club.

Notwithstanding the great rapping and singing, Deez Beatz’ presence is felt throughout the mixtape, as he lays down some stunning beats. “Never Do Ya Like That” sees the producer turn out a skin-tingling slow-burner, and then go one better, with the chill sounds on “Break My Heart” featuring the sultry voice of Becca.

The chanting soul-searching groove of “Mine”, finds Deez Beatz turning knobs alongside co-producer SoSouthern. Jae Reload is back on “Cruisin With A Blunt” unfolding another street tale atop Deez Beatz’ eerie piano-driven beat.

We also get another chance to listen to Richie Waterz’ waltzing flow, as he navigates the production by Stik What Mane on “Can’t Say”. And just to make sure we don’t lack anything, the impacting Vibe Tyson makes a welcome return on “Never Enough”, with Deez Beatz x Nofuk handling the production duties.

“U Can Have It” is another outright club banger, with Deez Beatz’ usual scrupulous drums driving the rhythm, which is embellished with some sweet horns. “Brainwashed” featuring Stik Mane What, is a wake-up call to our violent society and disregard for our fellowmen, while “Whatever” closes the show down with a sprawling and uplifting beat be Deez Beatz.

This mixtape is overall an astounding achievement. The way the verses and hooks are weaved seamlessly into the instrumentals, how focused the songs are and how smoothly the project flows, is no small feat. The beats on this project are spectacular. Capturing the classiness and the grit of Deez Beatz, “Mind Control” is as polished as it gets.


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