Discover Johnnie Gee Griffing’s Musical Universe in ‘Paula Peril Ultimate Soundtrack Collection’

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The ability to encapsulate the essence of a story through sound is an art form that requires a masterful touch. Enter Johnnie Gee Griffing, a maestro whose sonic prowess is showcased brilliantly in the “Paula Peril Ultimate Soundtrack Collection.”

With a background spanning ethnomusicology studies at U.C. Santa Barbara and a repertoire in sound engineering, Griffing’s musical expertise is as diverse as it is profound. His affinity for orchestral and ethnic music manifests vividly with touches of rock and funk in his compositions, which breathe life, exuding a vibrancy and magnetism that are nothing short of captivating.

This collection draws from the narratives of the Paula Peril series, a fusion of comic book allure and live-action adventure that serves as the canvas upon which Griffing paints his mesmerizing musical landscapes. From the bustling streets of “Big City” to spine-tingling encounters with the paranormal, Griffing’s compositions seamlessly intertwine with Paula Peril’s dangerous escapades.

The album which will soon also become available on CD unfurls as a tour de force, boasting a 20-track symphony that spans a tantalizing 43 minutes. Johnnie Gee Griffing’s genius lies in his ability to craft meticulously layered themes, melding thunderous orchestrations and exquisite arrangements that transport listeners into the heart of the cinematic journey. Griffing strives to ensnare his audience in a captivating labyrinth of sound.

What makes this collection truly exceptional is the breadth of emotions it elicits. Johnnie Gee Griffing effortlessly navigates a spectrum of moods, from enigmatic and foreboding atmospheres to heart-pounding action sequences, all punctuated by frenetic rhythms and explosive crescendos. The fusion of percussive instruments, guitars, synthesizers, strings, and horns orchestrates a symphony that is both spellbinding and deeply resonant.

Johnnie Gee Griffing’s ingenuity shines through in the intricate blend of instruments – a harmonious marriage of conventional and ethnic sounds. Drawing from his experience with the Middle East Ensemble at U.C. Santa Barbara, the album features an impressive array of percussion, from congas and bongos to darbukas and riqqs.

This infusion of diverse elements adds layers of depth and authenticity to the compositions, elevating them beyond mere scores to standalone musical marvels. Remarkably, Johnnie Gee Griffing’s involvement goes beyond composition. He takes the reins as an engineer and mixer, carefully crafting each song’s impact.

Johnnie Gee Griffing’s dedication to refining and reimagining these pieces over 8 years speaks volumes about his commitment to excellence, resulting in an album that stands as a testament to his unwavering pursuit of artistic perfection. Griffing revitalizes these tracks, infusing them with expanded compositions and performances by a coterie of musicians.

In the “Paula Peril Ultimate Soundtrack Collection,” Johnnie Gee Griffing has not just curated a compilation of songs; he has crafted a musical opus that aggregates and multiplies his creative skillset into one impactful project.

It’s an immersive, emotionally charged journey that encapsulates the very essence of storytelling through music—a testament to Griffing’s undeniable talent and focus. He has painted an auditory canvas that evokes awe, thrill, and sheer cinematic grandeur. It’s a triumph that cements Johnnie Gee Griffing’s place among the pantheon of masterful composers. ( Written by Jacob Aiden on Jamsphere)


“Paula Peril Ultimate Soundtrack Collection” contains a mélange of tracks drawn from the gripping narratives of films like ‘Trapped in the Flames’, ‘Mystery of the Crystal Falcon’, ‘The Invisible Evil’, ‘Midnight Whistle’, and ‘The Adventures of Paula Peril’. The tracklist encompasses a diverse range of compositions, including ‘Big City’, ‘Adrenaline’, ‘Funkystruck’ featuring Julie Pusch, ‘Midnight Whistle’, ‘Unanswered Questions’, ‘The Altar’ featuring Julie Pusch, ‘Playing with Fire’, ‘Danger Prone’, ‘Paula’s Theme’, ‘Truthseeker’, ‘In Falling Love’, ‘The Invisible Evil’, ‘Presence’, ‘Lost Soul’, ‘Deadweight’, ‘Truthseeker Two’, ‘The Crystal Falcon’, ‘The Haunted Room’, ‘Trapped in the Flames’, and ‘Peril Ahead’.


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