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DJ Chart alias Ivan Herb, has created a varied album with “Don’t Stop The Music”. Many musicians from all over the world have collaborated, from countries like England, India, Argentina, Nigeria, Spain and Switzerland. From bass-heavy dance songs to romantic cuddly songs, everything is included in the album. Each musician left their own indelible mark on the recording.

The album kicks off with the track, “Losing my Religion” featuring the famous Amal Jose. The song has already been highly praised in Rolling Stone magazine. Jose’s ingenious unique voice gives the song the wow effect, while the lyrics make you think. The prayer Our Father has also been integrated into the song.

The video for “Tennis Winner” is a great video with the world’s best tennis artist Stefan Bojic. Marvel at what is possible with the ball. The album includes house (slap house), pop, funk, EDM and New 80s styles, while also featuring songs sung in English, Spanish, and German.


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