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From Brooklyn Bushwick, DJ GiG is a 26 year old DJ and Producer for Team GiG (Get It Going). He started deejaying about 8 years ago, and producing to his curriculum last year. DJ GiG has dropped the “Ambition Vol.1” project – a guest-filled album that introduces his version of the dark, hard-hitting production that has inspired many of rap’s definitive producers over the last five years. From the jump, he impacts the genre with his booming but never overwhelming productions. But where DJ GiG really shines is his ability to elevate the artists he collaborates with. DJ GiG’s beats is the key in unleashing the creativity in some of these great talents.


On “Ambition Vol.1”, the tracks consistently flow along naturally from one another, bringing with it a distinctly more cohesive feel than many of DJ GiG’s contemporary hip-hop producers solo projects.

Many of which tend to simply feel like an afterthought from their main income of trading beats, consisting of throwaway filler productions and sporadic club bangers. DJ GiG on the other hand, appears to be motivated straight off the bat with this project.

The cohesive feel brings with it a richly cinematic tone to the album, hinting right from the outset with “Unteachable” ft. Wreckvito, at the producer’s desire to pursue ambitious projects. It is a tight, concise track, over in less than two minutes, but perfectly maps out the journey up ahead.

The highly energetic “Pieces” ft. Sluggodadon & Frankloutheboss, comes out of the box with a lyrical flurry, as the rappers flex their spitting skills. DJ GiG’s synth pads and slapping bottom end, build a solid base for the track to run on.

I love most producer albums because of the revolving door of rappers makes for a pretty versatile album. Such is the case here. In fact, “The One” ft. Dc Nov, brings a more retrained, introspective tone, as DJ GiG fills his template with warm, shimmering keys and skittering hi-hats.

Ambition Vol.1 Cover

It’s Ya Birthday” ft. Sluggodadon & RnB Stizz delivers a nice melodic twist to the proceedings, as DJ GiG lays down a minimal beat, allowing the voices to rise to the top. It brings out the best in the performers, and is one of the genuine surprises here.

“Without You” ft. RnB Stizz & Frankloutheboss sticks to the previous script, with another soulful melodic adventure. Only here, DJ GiG turns up the production heat with resonating synths. “Million Dollar Dreaming” ft. Chase Mill & Big Marley, showcases another big-band cinematic sound, with plenty of horns and strings.

The deep and bold voices perfectly match the music on this one. DJ GiG closes the project down himself, with “Note to Self”, which is both a shout out, and a declaration of thanks.

Conclusively, “Ambition Vol.1”, is one of the more musically accomplished and substantially cohesive projects to come out of the ever-growing underground scene in the last few months. This project is something fresh. This project is something new. This project is actually…very good!

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