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Twenty years into his game and DJ X TECH is still a name but no longer a hint to his craft. The creative who debuted with “The Outer Limits” album – to which he lost the rights for a number of years due to a record deal – and followed up with his sophomore release “The World Through My Eyes”, has now elevated his artistry to the producer status. DJ X TECH decided to keep his moniker intact, so as not to disorientate his original core fan-base. His latest project “Implant” goes in the new sonic direction the producer is heading towards – or rather, a banging blend of urban and techno flavors for pure dancefloor swagger. The album also finds DJ X TECH embracing dubstep stylings in his repertoire for the first time.

Fans of electronic and dance will find plenty of the throb, grind and intensity they’d expect, while DJ X TECH also colors outside the traditional stylistic lines, which makes him accessible to a wider audience.

The album launches with dynamic percussion and synth motif on “Hot House Party” that is quickly woven into a proactive tapestry, with a thick bass, more keyboard layers and echoed vocal tones being added. This creates a sense of plans unfolding, which then gives way to a skittering hi-hat that explodes into a hard-hitting kick-drum and arpeggiating keys, on “Going Under”.

The mix of a dark lower-end, and intermittent orchestral flares, on the previous track, portend an approaching threat. DJ X TECH takes that tension and seamlessly transitions into a thumping electronic buildup on “Rubberband”. Swirling mechanical squeals and growls meet belches of bass drift which underpins the monstrous momentum of the piece.

“Split Personality” adds another anxious slab of head-twisting bass pressure, while the bright pouncing synths add a vibrant finishing sheen to the track. Everything plays out as intended on the slower, piano-driven, slap-and-bang beat of “222”.

“Chew Toy” is another intriguing instrumental, offering crystalline mazes of sonic distraction built on a four to the floor beat. The tangled melodic synth motif is an infectious affirmation that makes “Trinty” one of the earworm tracks of the album.

When the clash of synth whine, bass scrape and the booming beat eventually take over on “Roots”, it just feels like an inevitable explosion of dancefloor euphoria. DJ X TECH takes a solid synth-wave tune with a melodic piano lead, and gives it a wicked, electronic serrated edge on “Albacore”.

The complex lockstep beat and broiling bass update the sound on “Ghost Under The Bed” which proceeds with both menace and mystery. “Dubbish Stylings” once again shows DJ X TECH’s prowess at programming interesting and impacting drum patterns.

Moving forward we find the straight thumping techno rhythm of “Parliament” which is another track that will keep you pinned to the dancefloor, all night long.

“Rays Of Light” turns up the intensity dial as DJ X TECH implements a momentum pushing mix of both warm and shimmering instruments, while keep the beat laser sharp. The title track, “Implant” makes sure the thrust of the album is maintained, as the beat and the bass run parallel lines of propulsive energy under a dynamic synth.

The album closes with the bonus track, “The Nightmares Symphony 2003 Unreleased”, which delivers over 7 minutes of unadulterated rhythmic pleasure, with a symphonic twist. All throughout this album, DJ X TECH’s basslines, drum programming and kaleidoscopic synth textures, prove that he’s still got it 20 years later.


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