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Canadian music producer DON DADA and recording artist SALEZ, collaborate on a single featured on the upcoming DON DADA album named DROPGODS 3. DON DADA is arguably one of the most interesting producers in the current underground music industry, and his bare-knuckled recurring looped beat, on “FACETIME” is a perfect match for SALEZ’s raw and gritty, sing-song rap style, which makes for a memorable project. The track is an impressive platform demonstrating the creative dexterity of both the artist and the producer, as well as their respective arts.

DON DADA – known for tailoring his beat production to the artists requests, making him arguably one of the most unique producers around – has recently been flexing his production nous, rolling out beat after beat, each totally unique and different to what’s come before, as he works toward his upcoming album.

The chemistry between DON DADA and SALEZ is akin to all the other excellent production collabs he has done thus far. In the sense that the understanding of what is needed from each other is what elevates DON DADA’s music to a level that’s different to many other rap partnerships.

The repetitive stringed motif and hypnotic tempo – which seems to be SALEZ’s natural habitat, and in which he shines – marries up with the rappers sharp one-liners and cutting remarks to explode with that unspoken understanding of how lyrics sync with an eclectic beat.

This is another forward thinking project, not afraid to dabble with creativity but also showcasing both SALEZ’s lyrical ability and DON DADA’s creative dexterity, both artists’ visions. It’s as if they created a glitch in the hip-hop matrix, and one that would be welcome again soon.

All too often, collaborations between singular rappers and producers can end up feeling slightly underwhelming. They frequently end up feeling like two separate entities merely working on the same project, without any true collaboration or interplay. That doesn’t seem to be the feeling here at all.

As a producer, DON DADA is obviously no stranger to this kind of collaboration, and it shows. Some truly inspired production flourishes such as the seamless combination of backing vocal clips into SALEZ’s bars really accentuate the brilliance of some the wordplay, and the beat as a whole matches the rapper’s energy perfectly.

DON DADA displays a professional level of restraint, not allowing any messy sonic elements to disturb the clarity the track would lack otherwise.

Producers all too often overwhelm the track, or fade into the background, but this couldn’t be less true here. The project coalesces the personalities of both rapper and producer, making it truly distinct. If anything, “FACETIME” leaves the listener wanting more.

DON DADA has already exhibited the capacity to create a truly great project. His seemingly endless potential has been shown to be even deeper than we ever thought. Should DON DADA ever create an all-time classic production within the next few years, I would not be surprised.




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