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Dr. C & the Gris Gris signifies the best of what happens when three talented musicians, who have nothing to prove, come together, leaving their egos at the door to simply create music that satisfies them. Their southern twisted rock is unpretentious, melodic and substantially thick sounding. The band has such a laid-back attitude on their single “Graveyard Dog”, where they exude no shock tactics, no awe, no gimmicks, no “Coming soon to an arena near you!” proclaims – strictly rock music for whoever happens to be tuned in. Members of the band have had the opportunity to open for acts such as Cheap Trick, Fuel, and Sevendust, among many others, which may explain their quiet confidence.

In fact, the band’s biggest calling card is their seemingly nonchalant approach, like a bunch of old friends who rediscovered their equipment in a college buddy’s garage and are rehashing rock’s glorious days with brilliant ease.

Dr. C & the Gris Gris is a good time to be shared with everyone else, and you can certifiably sense how much joy they’re getting out of being in a band too. Nobody can say with any earnest certainty where these guys will end up, but they’re certainly a breath of fresh air in an industry fabricated on mendacious hype.

The whole of “Graveyard Dog” – which comes off the band’s upcoming debut album, entitled “Hexes with Axes” – is as good as the sum of its parts and better than a bunch of similar rock tracks that’s come out in a while.

Every minute you turn around on this recording, the instrumentation and the vocals are up to something creative that legitimately contributes to the song, without ever overstaying its welcome or overshadowing anything else. The Lafayette trio disregard modern corporate rock convention in favor of the more rootsy, swampy, Cajun and blues-influenced sound on this track.

The whole thing plays like a shout of joy, a celebratory whoop from a group of musicians delighted to be playing together. And “Graveyard Dog” proves to be as engaging and as heavy-hitting as anything being produced by the hungry new breed of rockers out there.

It is as passionate and thrilling as could possibly have been hoped for – a typically glorious combination of vintage rock and groovy southern elements all filtered through the Dr. C & the Gris Gris machine to create what can simply be termed great rock ‘n’ roll!


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