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To narrate Dr Mikey’s life and career moves, would require a whole chapter apart. To cut to the core, he was born in a ghetto north of Paris. His mother is from Guadeloupe and his father is from Guyana. At 14, a serious accident made him unable to walk. Fighting to rehabilitate his two broken hips, he moved from Paris to the jungle of St. Laurent du Maroni, with his father. There he found his love for music, with a desire to become a rapper and singer. At 18 he formed the reggae group Damaniak in Guyana before returning to France in 1997 and launching Instint 2 Scarla in which he was the rapper and lead singer. In 2000, a meeting his manager Sonia Kinany who took him to the United States, where a year he would form True 2 Life Players with Louisiana rapper, La Balle.

Dr Mikey

In his career Dr Mikey has toured with with Bone Thugs & Harmony, The Mothugs Family, and Won-G, as well as performing with Capleton, Sean Paul, M. Vegas, Buju Banton, and Spragga Benz. In 2020 Dr Mikey released his long-awaited album “I’m Karibbean”, featuring 14 tracks and one hour of music, including both English and French language songs. Now he is back with his latest single, “I’m Proud Of It”.

Dr Mikey is artist a finely-tuned, radio-friendly and club-banger attitude. Naturally “I’m Proud Of It” has a focus on both of these facets. And naturally, it’s superb. There’s little that needs to be said about the production quality, as it is of an extremely high standard (as expected). Vocally and lyrically, Dr Mikey is as compelling, creative and powerful as ever.  But it’s the tone of his voice and the lyrical theme that Dr Mikey has dived into which is most impressive.

“I’m a black man and I’m so proud of it. I’m ghetto and I’m loud. I’m So Proud of It. I make noise. I’m So Proud of It. What you ear it’s just joy. I’m so proud of it,” exclaims Dr Mikey in “I’m Proud Of It”. It’s clear that he has intentionally trodden a tightrope between bringing his sound to bang into 2021, but also keeping his thoughts consciously focused on socio-political dilemmas that continue to plague mankind. And, Dr Mikey has done it extremely well.

A celebration of Black History Month, “I’m Proud Of It” blends Dancehall and Reggae flavors with Hip-hop and Dance grooves. Rhythmically driving and with intricate, highly orchestrated production from Skandalyze, it’s extremely solid work and pleasing on the ear.  “I’m Proud Of It” is a searing diatribe on the devaluing of human life based on skin color, except that Dr Mikey tackles the subject from a positive standpoint.

“They, can say what they want about us. We welcome everyone one to come party with us. We don’t have that much, but we always have enough. Enough to share,” chants Dr Mikey. It’s a declaration of humble, but proud resilience, in the face of those who are unfairly and ignorantly against us in life. The amalgam between a party banging rhythm, and a heavily conscious narrative, is highly commendable on “I’m Proud Of It”. Another superb job by Dr Mikey.

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