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Intoxicating and captivating, Dream Wake, a sensational duo hailing from the sun-kissed realm of Los Angeles, is ready to unleash their enchanting musical sorcery upon the world. With their latest single, the mesmerizing masterpiece entitled “As Is,” Josh Blurr, the melodic maestro behind the soul-stirring vocals and profound lyrics, joins forces with the ingenious beat maker known as H0US3. These two visionaries, with a bond forged over 14 years, embarked on this auditory adventure as a delightful side project that quickly transformed into an artistic phenomenon. As the first notes of “As Is” caress your ears, you are instantly enveloped in a velvety soundscape. Dream Wake’s masterful blend of musical genres crafts a warm and scintillating backdrop, setting the stage for the captivating journey that lies ahead. The sultry beats, meticulously crafted by H0US3, intertwine with Josh Blurr’s mellifluous and layered vocals, igniting a melodic fire within.

The lyrics of “As Is” weave a tale of longing and introspection. Josh Blurr’s poignant words transport us to a place of raw emotions, where the yearning for a lost connection takes center stage. “Waking up with the thought of you, looking at my phone, hoping you called more,” he croons, painting a vivid picture of yearning for a love that seems to slip away like sand through fingertips. The vocals, exquisitely layered and as smooth as silk, transport you to a realm where time stands still, and every note carries the weight of it’s desired sentiment.

Dream Wake’s lyrical prowess shines brightly throughout the track. The imagery created is both arresting and evocative, drawing us deeper into their sonic tapestry. As we listen, we find ourselves sitting alongside them during those lonely nights, hoping to make things right, praying for a rekindling of that once-intense flame. “Sat with some lonely nights, hoping to make it right… Woke up with burning eyes, hoping you’re back tonight,” they confess, baring their vulnerability with every word.

The chorus of “As Is” emerges as a powerful refrain, echoing the raw truth of their emotions. “And I don’t wanna start over, I’m broken apart, I’m left in the dark,” Josh Blurr’s voice resonates with unwavering conviction, the weight of his heartache palpable. “I’m sick with the mess we made, you’re not through your shit, I want you as is,” he confesses, refusing to let go of a love that still burns within.

Dream Wake’s sonic craftsmanship leaves no stone unturned. The song’s production is a testament to their artistic ingenuity, with steadfast drums anchoring the rhythm, watery synths painting ethereal soundscapes, and airy vocals soaring effortlessly above it all. Together, these elements create an enchanting auditory journey, where every note and every beat send out mesmerizing aural sensations that embrace us like a gentle breeze on a summer’s eve. The duo masterfully blends R&B, Soul, Pop, and Electronic elements.

“As Is” showcases Dream Wake’s ability to captivate and inspire, immersing us in their rich and spellbinding universe. “As Is” serves as a reminder that we are beautifully flawed, and in our brokenness lies the potential for transformative healing. With each verse, Dream Wake unveil a new layer of their creative prowess, drawing us further into their world of sonic enchantment.

Dream Wake is more than just a musical duo; they are curators of emotional landscapes, architects of sonic dreams. With “As Is,” they have created an auditory masterpiece that resonates within our souls, reminding us of the power of vulnerability and the intensity of love’s lingering embrace. Surrender to their captivating sounds, and let the magic of Dream Wake wash over you. The single “As Is”, is now available on all major streaming platforms.


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