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Evie Calabasas is a 20 year-old singer and songwriter. She started playing guitar at the age of 6 and started singing at 15 years old. After attempting to be part of band on numerous occasions, Evie finally opted for a solo career. Her first solo project, the 3 track EP “STARGIRL”, has its title inspired by the first song she ever played live.  It is a tempered and exceptional record. It shakes, rattles and rolls with minimal, almost absent percussion, a dominantly strummed acoustic guitar and occasional keyboard interludes. Above all, is Evie Calabasas’ voice, which delivers an untethered, sweetly melancholic, raw, and liberating listen, as she sings about dealing with feelings, growing older, friendship and love.

Evie Calabasas dives head-first into the exploration of her own supremely unique, sophisticated capabilities in sound on “STARGIRL”. Choosing restraint above bombast, and nuance above magnificence. The result is a sound and style that gently weaves its way through the ears, hearts, and minds of listeners, clinging to her eloquence and gorgeously essential arrangements. All of which exult her vocal presence, lyrics and storytelling.

Right from the opening track, “Red Dress”, her acoustic- driven grace demands your full attention. You’ll quickly notice her knack for endearing melodies and ear-catching hooks, as she fabricates an earthy rhythm, paired with meticulously vocal runs. A composition built on the rudiments of organic instrumentation, which somehow explodes into unexpected beauty.

With its in-depth mood, and easy-going time signature, “Can We Talk?” will entrance you with each passing bar, as you hang on every heartfelt word. Evie Calabasas’ songwriting prowess is front and center throughout this song, and with her compositional sketch firmly drawn, Evie further embellishes her narrative and accents the details, with her performance skills.

The refinements are always subtle – she never raises her voice to a scream or overwhelms with her music. The result elevates Evie’s singing performances, solidifying them, and never overshadowing them.

Considering her young age, there’s a maturity and honesty at work in the arrangements on the EP that reward the listener. Evie owns and examines her emotional dilemmas with pure candor. She’s doing things on her own accord and embracing them. Evie presents her emotions and life’s complexities in a way that offers access and empathy. This is so mesmerizingly evident on “I Miss You (But I Don’t)”.

Evie Calabasas’ voice is one of the most unique and versatile out there, ranging from a delicate whisper to a high flying croon when appropriate. It begs the attention of the listener throughout the EP. Evie’s music thrives on the intimacy she fosters with the listener.

Every choice she makes is designed to draw the audience into her world, to make them understand things her way for the length of time they’re listening to her music. And that not only enhances the power of all the songs on “STARGIRL”, but it also creates a whole, greater than the sum of its already considerable parts.

Evie Calabasas’ passionate sound, is blended with her strong, sensitive vocals and one soul-baring song after another. She is one of those rare young voices who is instantly recognizable and endlessly listenable.



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