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Flamix is a 16 year old Electronic dance music producer based in Delhi, India. The producer who creates music within the Future Bass, Psytrance, Electro House and Trap genres, has also launched his own record label called Anyo Music. Flamix has been gaining traction on streaming services, and making an impression on his peers the world over. He is about to release his debut EP “Mayuri”. The project will include a collection of EDM tracks flavored with Indian traditional folk music. In the meantime his catalog showcases a series of banging singles.

Flamix is one pretty cool dude.  No, it’s not only because of his refreshing sixteen year old good looks, but also thanks to his musical abilities. From the jump, on the single “Feeling From Within” the listener is blessed with some smooth female vocals – the lady has a fine instrument to work with.

She delivers what can be considered a beautiful and well-balanced performance.  The verses are cool, calm, and collected, while the chorus, amplifies the intensity level. The music crafted by Flamix parallels the ebb and flow of the vocals.  While rhythm is constant throughout, during the verses, Flamix for softer, subtler synths and pads.

The pre-chorus, chorus, and instrumental section provides the opportunity for greater aggressiveness, particularly the post-chorus where the drop goes down with an expansive arrangement. Flamix infuse the track with reggaeton and tropical flavors, given it an alluring and hypnotic rhythmic bounce.

This is a solid electronic dance record from Flamix.  The music is compelling, the vocals are sweetly soulful, and the songwriting is smooth and catchy. Bringing in some awesome vibes for any party mood, the energetic anthem has just enough clean pop drive to keep it ready for the radio too.

The clever and high quality aspects of Flamix’s music will definitely help him grow his current popularity. Through the lyrics, Flamix’s tries to connect with the person who is listening, to make the song meaningful to them, which allows his music to flourish.

“Feeling From Within” makes many connections to people’s lives and represents their passionate thoughts in the same relationship situations. The combination of the effects with the music and the beat makes Flamix’s style of music original and perfectly balanced. It’s a serious banger with huge crossover potential.

Flamix probably had a lot of fun making the record and that chemistry comes across. The young talent continues to innovate and evolve in his musical style, showing continual changes in each subsequent song release.

“Feeling From Within” is a track that is certainly ready to take the main stage in the world of electronic dance music, all over the world. Flamix artfully and freely combines all the well-known EDM tropes and customizes them to create something dynamic, capturing your attention by giving it a refreshing sound and a captivating effect.

Featuring enchanting vocals, “Feeling From Within” instantly sends vibes up and down your spine, and the lyrics perfectly sum it all up: “This feeling from within. This intense power. Is getting even louder. Nothing I can do to help it. This feeling from within. Makes me fall in love. No escape from this crush. It crawls under my skin. This feeling from within.”


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