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G.E. Holliday is back on track with latest single release, “Vampire Infinity Romance”, which is a fantasy song about men and women becoming one. The artist produced, wrote, arranged and played all instruments on the track. The recording was whittled down from over 150 instruments and 50 different versions before finding its final form in the current version. Having dropped rock stylings onto his R&B grooves for his previous releases, giving them a richly psychedelic flavor, G.E. Holliday continues his trip to create some of the most imaginative pop music around. The production is exceptional, with distorted guitars and ambient keys offset by whip-crack drumming for moments of pure mind-high pleasure.

Listeners always knew G.E. Holliday was coming with unique edge since his earliest releases, but he is getting even better with his calming-yet-edgy vibe on “Vampire Infinity Romance”. The singer-songwriter uses more dark and intricate storytelling to get his messages across. It’s a track about twisted love that easily brings listeners into a euphoric state. This will make you feel like a sensual being as its narrative is infused with a blend of lyricism able to feed multiple alter egos.

“Vampire Infinity Romance” shows G.E. Holliday’s continuing growth as an artist into one who is taking even more musical risks and dabbling in risqué references. He shows his everlasting dreamer mentality, and creative freedom.

With an impressive range, he masters getting many different sounds to jell together cohesively. G.E. Holliday’s unyielding vocals paired with sultry sonics introduce a sensual record for those looking to relax and unwind.

Though intricate and complex in its construction, “Vampire Infinity Romance” calls for an easy-listening experience. Thanks to the smooth weaving together of all the elements that make up the song. You will read a lot of pieces comparing G.E. Holliday to Prince.

That comparison seems right, because G.E. Holliday is also a supremely talented music creator, with a voice and timbre that resembles The Purple One. However he has his own library of quirks and stylistic flourishes that help to distinguish him from the crowded music arena.

G.E. Holliday is at his best performing the role of studio wizard, layering instruments and luscious sound effects on top of his wistful croon to create richly rewarding soundscapes. That’s what makes his tracks so excellent – they consistently play to his strengths.  “Vampire Infinity Romance” is a snapshot of the mind of an artist who feels creatively free. The understated lustful energy of the song, oozes confidence, maturity, and self-awareness.

Set against a slow-burning production that entrances the mind, more than anything, “Vampire Infinity Romance” is a track of escapism. Beyond the production and instrumentation, featuring a fiery lead guitar, is G.E. Holliday’s unique voice. His vocals are so malleable that they can make the listener feel every emotion, all at once. This sound is clearly characteristic of the G.E. Holliday aesthetic – mysterious, eclectic and sexy, through and through.


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