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“Get It In While You Can,” by Stephanie Harris and Patrick Peyton is a dance record that makes you sing, dance and laugh. It also reminds you to love, pray and forgive. With lyrics by Stephanie Harris and Music by Patrick Peyton, this tune is great for parties, birthdays, nightclubs and picnics. It has that Washington, D.C. rhythm and beat, to an R&B and soul sound. The instant the groove hits, with its funky shuffle and reverb-heavy snappy snares, you knew this is a song that will drag many to the dance floor. The track has a swagger to it that is as much about the groove as it is about the energetic vocal delivery. Giving a plenty of attitude to the track, the singer owns the lyrics and gives each word more gravitas.

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The stacked backing vocals in the pre-chorus pull you in and delivers on the chorus as well. It allows the singer to put his charm and bag of fiery vocal tricks to good use. The joyous, feel-good track is all bright and bouncy with the vocals filling out the driving arrangement.

“Get It In While You Can” possesses the ability to get your head bobbing and feet yearning to bust out the running man. Musically, Patrick Peyton made sure that this is track far removed from the current, standard by-the-numbers dance fare that is being offered by the dozen at the time.

Patrick Peyton is started playing drums around the age of eleven, and began writing songs during his later years in high school. A competent all-round percussionist, after high school Peyton started acquiring studio equipment, while working at a guitar center. He took an audio engineering course and developed an interest in music production.

Throughout the years, he worked as a drummer and has worked with various local DMV artists to produce music. He has his own imprint – Peysonic Music, LLC., through which he continues to release music and collaborate with and assist others in realizing their own musical ambitions.

Patrick Peyton

Infectious and a real party starter, “Get It In While You Can” keeps the energy high as the singer proclaims: “Oh…Get it in while you can, cause life’s too short. You feel me!” From the bridge to the verses and of course the hook, this song is earworm danceability at its best – a true stomper. A

ll-round the track has a great beat and bass line, with some cutting edge enhancements, and defiantly strong vocals. When it comes to dance tracks, it seems like we’ve heard a thousand versions of the same clones. Some are so many paint-by-the-numbers dance tracks that they feel like a retreads, with little to no adventure or creativity.

This inspirational dance single, “Get It In While You Can,” is not one of those aforementioned tunes. It’s a lively, celebratory track full of soul and rhythm, with powerfully stirring vocal as well as some motivational lyrics.

The creativity of Stephanie Harris and Patrick Peyton, together with their musical crew and star vocals will command your attention from start to finish, with soulful swagger and funky spice. Your ears and feet will be grateful for this groovy gift!

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