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Born and raised in Los Angeles, California, GLNNA is a multi-talented singer, songwriter, and actress. She has performed in musical stage productions, acted in numerous commercials and TV shows, and is building a healthy list of session gigs, as a featured vocalist. Her experiences include representing the United States in the International Nile Song Festival, singing backup for Macy Gray in live performance, and landing the recurring role of Dylan, guitarist and singer of the all-girl band Queens of Dogtown, on the HBO series, Californication. GLNNA has studied Voice at Berklee College of Music, in Boston, and she is also a graduate of the Musicians Institute’s Independent Artist program.

GLNNA has just dropped brand new single, “Take the Picture”, which is soon to be followed by “Closure” or “Intoxicated”. Riding on an upbeat electronic soundscape the latest single treads catchy crossover Pop/Electronic ground, fusing a pounding beat with fist-pumping choruses as she belts out a manifesto of independence from a dysfunctional relationship with her flawless spinto soprano range. Whereas lesser artists would be content to wallow in self-pity on a weepy ballad, for this type of narrative, GLNNA’s reaction is surging, almost jubilant in its revelation.

GLNNA is the type of singer that never fades into the background and her songs hold more feeling in them than many other popular artists. Beneath the songwriting surface runs palpable blood, but she’s never over melodramatic with it – though her vocals are full-throated and unsurprisingly great.

Effortlessly blending the intricacies of her tale, and the delicacies of her vocal nuances, the supersized production launches GLNNA’s voice into the stratosphere. Her punchy delivery vibrates with life, warmth and just enough bitter-sweetness to make this one of the more exciting releases of the year so far.

Possessing one of the most versatile voices in the industry, there is nothing that GLNNA sounds incapable of. There is something massively appealing about hearing her declare, on the chorus intro “I know it’s never how it looks in the picture,” and then on the outro: “Do you think of me when you hold her. Just like you did when you and I took the picture.”

The end of the song just puts slight twist in the tale, as GLNNA sings: “You told me you missed us together. Putting your stuff in a box made me stronger. I think I’ll keep it a little longer…” The question is: will she purge this lover from her system?

GLNNA’s voice soars through some intricate tones and textures on fairly a challenging arrangement. Unsurprisingly, she misses no steps and delivers something truly commendable for both the vocal excellence and artistic growth she displays.

She has created something that will move a collective audience. That, together with her alluring physical attributes, and overall sassy attractiveness, makes for one highly defined and irresistible package. GLNNA will easily represent one of Pop’s brightest musical moments in 2018.

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