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South Korean producer and beatmaker glowcean aka Junhyung Kim, started playing classical piano at 7. In 2012, he started majoring in Jazz Piano at Berklee College of Music. But soon after, inspired by various artists such as Flying Lotus, Tokimonsta and The Internet, he decided to become a producer and embed electronic elements in Hip-hop, R&B and Soul genre. During his time at Boston, he released his unique-styled tracks on SoundCloud, including ‘Ceremony’, ‘Inside of you (Cosmic)’ and ‘Spr(ing) out’. Now back in Seoul, glowcean is blending his expertise in classical & jazz piano with electronic production to create the sounds of the future. He has just released the second remix of Mostacho Xprmnt’s “Clap With Me” in collaboration with Music Dribble Entertainment in New York, with artwork by Cikadda in Russia.

“I wanted to remake this track with a more modern, futuristic and synthesized sound. So I used digital synths like Serum, and added lots of my favorite sounds of water, foley and heavy bass,” said the South Korean producer and beatmaker. Well not only did he make it modern and futuristic, glowcean literally turned this track on its head.

Cover artwork by Cikadda

Gone are the jazzy, neo-soul tones and the resonating voice of then frontwoman Song Yi Jeon, who has since been replaced. In comes a progressive and chilled ambient groove, embellished with a chipmunk styled voice.

It’s a bold and revolutionary approach to remixing this song, which you may, or may not like, depending on personal taste, but cannot deny glowcean’s visionary attitude and the technical quality of his execution.  By the end of the song, it’s clear that this is someone who has skills beyond after-school messing around.

The whole production is a teaser of what glowcean can do with the already established elements. To say glowcean a producer still finding his groove would be disingenuous. If anything, “Clap With Me (glowcean Remix)” is evidence that he is a producer who has found his very own place and is very comfortable immersing himself into a multitude of musical contexts and expanding the possibilities of his skillset.

glowcean clearly has an extensive toolbox afforded to him by his studies and practical exploration. This track shows he is fully capable of defying the stereotype of internet remixer, backing producer or whatever mold people try to fit craftsman like him into. Bold, bright and bursting with distinctive production touches, “Clap With Me (glowcean Remix)” makes smart use of glowcean’s unpredictable crisscrossing of sounds.

It’s an intoxicating listen from start to finish. This remix is a statement of talent and creativity that may set the stage for a fruitful career for the South Korean producer and beatmaker. Whether he goes in one direction or several, glowcean definitely appears to be a producer to look out for in the future.

Mastered by Daniel Alba at Zampol Productions, New York
Artwork by Cikadda
Executive Producer: Andrés Marín
Produced by Junhyung Kim aka glowcean
Original song written by: Haruka Yabuno, Eitan Akman, Andrés Marín, Dave Lowenthal, Luis D’Elías and Song Yi Jeon



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