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Hro Palyan is an up and coming Armenian – American Hip Hop artist based in Los Angeles, CA. His journey into a musical career started in childhood when he learned how to play the piano and electric guitar. Hro’s older brother was influential in introducing him to the world of rap and hip hop, as well as fellow artists who encouraged him to learn about music production tools like Fruity-loops, Reason, and Pro Tools. These skills became a coping mechanism that allowed Hro to express himself and deal with issues in his life. His previous two singles “Sick Freaks” and “White China”, both featuring The Palyans, were well received by his fan base. Hro Palyan is currently making waves in the marketplace with his single, “2 Faced” (ft. Nazo Bravo).

I only discovered Hro Palyan in the last couple of months, and his talent as an emcee is truly jaw dropping – blistering flow, incredible storyteller, raps that can be both deeply personal and oftentimes really witty. On this single, he once again shows his hunger to gain respect and a drive to prove he’s one of the best in the underground game.

A song like “2 Faced” (ft. Nazo Bravo)” is full of the confidence and swagger of a man on a mission who will not be stopped. He is comfortable talking about his struggles in life, but still has an uplifting and winning message against adversities.

This isn’t to say that “2 Faced” (ft. Nazo Bravo)” is only heavy and serious – it’s also very entertaining. Seriously, this track is a great, and anyone who says otherwise obviously didn’t really listen to it. Hro has an awesome delivery, the rhymes are clever and original, and are complimented by the beat which bangs with vengeance.

The hook: “I’m as cold as ice”, will quickly bury itself in your memory. Like most hip-hop storytelling, Hro Palyan exemplifies his issues with a direct and honest rhyming flow, expressing his views in a straightforward and sincere fashion and manner.

The production is unbelievably dazzling, emphasizing on several hip-hop sounds and influences that keeps the track fresh and inviting. Hro complies by focusing on his true and gritty lyrics, matching the beat perfectly with his lyrical onslaught.

He is a young man brimming with personality and insight, and “2 Faced” (ft. Nazo Bravo)” shows a him at the top of his game. It is both contemplative and aggressive, as well as self-assured, with lyrics that relate his conflicts to people who share similar downsides in relationships.

Hro Palyan has shown throughout his collection of songs that he can deliver several rhyming styles without blemishing any particular one. His penmanship alone is lively – when performed you can’t help but at least want to move.

That is true hip-hop talent and that is why Hro Palyan is one of today’s most exciting underground hip-hop performers. This is very strong and often brilliant work for one of hip-hop’s most promising emcees.


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