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There can be no doubt that Dylan Tauber remains an unwavering example of artistic vision and innovation. With an impressive track record spanning over a quarter of a century, Tauber’s latest opus, “Sea People,” stands as a testament to his enduring dedication and creativity. This 17th installment in his discography invites listeners on a captivating odyssey through the uncharted territories of experimental electronic ambient and cinematic music, crafting an immersive auditory experience that is nothing short of mesmerizing.

The album unfurls its entrancing tapestry from the very outset with the alluring ‘Swimming Remix,’ featuring the sultry vocals of Daisy. In this opening masterpiece, textured layers of synths and Daisy’s poised vocal performance intertwine like tendrils of a mystical sea anemone. The result is a pulsing momentum that not only resonates with the theme of love but also serves as a beautifully intricate introduction, drawing listeners inexorably into the ethereal world that Dylan Tauber has meticulously woven.

As “Sea People” continues to unfurl, it delves ever deeper into its boundless ambient soundscape. The eponymous track, ‘Sea People,’ emerges as a sonic voyage of epic proportions. Here, richly textured synths and meticulously programmed drum machines come together to craft an impacting and luminous timbre that glistens like sunlight dancing on the ocean’s surface. The soul-stirring bass intonations of ‘I Am Flying’ further propel the listener further into the heart of Dylan Tauber’s sonic abyss, where the boundaries between reality and imagination blur and dissolve.

‘The Sea Remembers Its Own’ arrives to shift the album’s tempo, introducing a solid rhythm at its core. The symbiotic dance between melody and the resonant vocals delivered by Vlad is genuinely breathtaking. In this track, Tauber’s musical prowess is laid bare, showcasing his remarkable ability to seamlessly navigate the realms of both instrumental and vocal-driven compositions.

“Sea People” continues to astonish and enrapture the senses with tracks like ‘Trust The Universe’ and ‘The Horizon.’ ‘Trust The Universe’ boldly ventures into uncharted waters, uniting orchestral string arrangements with skittering percussion. The result is an innovative and experimental sonic landscape that defies convention and captivates the listener with its audacious blend of classical and electronic elements.

‘My Island’ and ‘Unity,’ in contrast, sweep over the listener like gentle waves, their profound emotional depth washing over the soul. ‘Sad Ocean’ further solicits the emotions with its poignant piano melodies and echoing vocal motifs, masterfully encapsulating the melancholic depths of the vast sea.

‘Underwater’ is a gentle, awe-inspiring masterpiece that mirrors the sensation of being submerged beneath the ocean’s surface. The deep bass and ethereal resonance converge to create a hypnotic effect, immersing the listener entirely in the music’s embrace. As the album gracefully draws to a close with the original version of ‘Swimming,’ a sense of fulfillment washes over, completing the captivating voyage that is “Sea People.”

In “Sea People,” Dylan Tauber has not merely created an album; he has crafted an immersive sonic experience that beckons you to lose yourself within its intricate layers and emotive narratives. Each track offers a unique sonic journey, making “Sea People” an indispensable addition to the eclectic world of experimental electronic ambient music.

What truly sets Dylan Tauber apart is his remarkable ability to seamlessly blend electronic beats with cinematic auras and emotional atmospheres. This fusion culminates in a genuinely captivating soundscape that envelops the listener, immersing them in the very essence of the album’s title. For those who fondly remember the 90s electronica scene, “Sea People” may evoke a sense of nostalgia. Dylan Tauber is able to filter his influences and emerge with a distinctive sonic identity that propels him into the forefront of contemporary music.

“Sea People” plunges the listener into a world where the music reflects the vastness of the ocean. It invites you on a sonic adventure that resonates with the deepest recesses of your soul. Dylan Tauber’s ability to craft such an immersive and innovative experience reaffirms his position as a visionary in the instrumental electronic music industry. “Sea People” deserves a prominent place in the collections of electronic music enthusiasts seeking a profound and evocative auditory journey. Dive in, and let the sonic waves of “Sea People” carry you to the vast expanse of aural bliss.


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