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Awesome. Overused word for the most part, awesome is, but in this case, it is the right one. For that is the only way to describe the talents of 22 year old singer-songwriter Jaclyn Kenyon, from Burlington, Ontario Canada, but now residing in Nashville TN. She has been performing professionally since the age of 12, when she was chosen as the youngest performer ever in Canada’s all female artist showcase “Honey Jam”, sponsored by Warner Chappell Music. Since then Jaclyn has become a consummate songwriter, courted by giants such as Warner, EMI and Sony ATV Canada with co-writing opportunities. She has written with numerous top Billboard writers, including Liz Rodrigues, Erik Alcock (Eminem, Pink), Russ Irwin (Aerosmith), Joe Vitale (The Eagles, Crosby Stills and Nash) Robbie Nevil (Miley Cyrus, Jonas Brothers, Disney) Mike Krompass (Natasha Bedingfield, Archuletta, Smashmouth), Alex Johnson, Eli Rise (Macy Gray, Adam Lambert), Igor Khorshev (Yes), Steve Diamond (Faith Hill) Clay Mills (Darius Rucker, Little Big Town).

A regular with vocal coach and Grammy-nominated producer Mama Jan Smith in Atlanta, Jaclyn has also trained with Live Music producer Tom Jackson (Taylor Swift) in Nashville and vocally with Brett Manning (Taylor Swift, Hayley Williams). Her first major production deal was signed in 2015 with multi-platinum producer-engineer Mike Plotnikoff in LA.

Two years later Jaclyn returned to Nashville and began enhancing her songwriting career, as well as her recording processes with Multi-Platinum Producer Mike Krompass. Now already a seasoned performer, both in the studio and on stage, Jaclyn Kenyon has surrounded herself with a strong developmental management team – including experts in film production, music and business development, entertainment law and the high fashion industries.

In 2019, Jaclyn is simply ready to move to the next level, and her brand new single, “Mama Said”, is part and parcel of her vison statement: “Touch Lives, Change Hearts and Give Back, through the gift of music.” If you’re looking for a record with tremendous music and fantastic vocals, this is exactly what you need.

Jaclyn’s voice is sultry and smoky, but then turns on a dime and becomes honest and soaring. A hybrid between Country, Pop and Rock, this single will have you on the edge of your seat, with its crunchy guitars, banging drums, and Jaclyn’s scintillating vocal performance. She is a golden ticket of perfection in singing from the soul.

“Mama Said” is an enriched song of storytelling that lingers on the mind and makes one flow with the music. Smooth in execution, Jaclyn’s voice is loud, proud and vibrantly impacting. With the Charts overwhelmingly stacked by men, the contemporary country-music establishment is a notoriously difficult space for women to succeed in.

However Jaclyn Kenyon’s voice represents a new generation of songstresses, who transcend the boundaries of genre molds that the industry would like to fence them in. Jaclyn is incredible at executing this song, and the production value is equally a highlight. Clearly Jaclyn is here to grab our attention and keep it.

Jaclyn has penned lyrics that can certainly be relatable and resonant, as she pours her talents all over this record, which wouldn’t feel out of place on any radio station. It has all the hallmarks that makes this kind of project a heavenly listen, while showing off the ways she’s improved as both a vocalist and a songwriter.

“Mama Said” co-written with Robbie Nevil and Mike Krompass, is by far one of the most re-playable records I have listened to this year. And as of today, Jaclyn Kenyon is one of my new favorite female artists, regardless of genre, and deserves every bit of credit that will undeniably come her way as her career continues to take off. She is easily one of the best, up and coming female singers going right now.


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