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Jacques is an artist with a passion for Motown, Soul and R&B music. Recently, he released the single “Love Isn’t Good Enough”, which brings all his talents to the table. The cut is full bound to sell to urban music fans who enjoy good music that is sophisticated, passionate, and of an elevated level.

A jazzy and soulful quiet storm Jacques delivers a superb track that is bound to hit urban radio. The singer has a way of making you take note of his range and this is especially evident all throughout “Love Isn’t Good Enough”, which is a profound declaration of an afflicting situation that love alone cannot rescue.

The song is intensely sung with bona fide sincerity that sparks straight-forward openness in Jacques’ voice, offering up a tenacious lament from the Jacksonville FL native. It is a combination of romance and vocal mastery, and is worth the time to listen and to buy. A smooth track that defines every meaning of the title with sophistication powered by the sultry voice of Jacques.

Few artists can capture an entire relationship with a woman so fully and completely as singer-songwriter Jacques does with almost seamless precision on this new track. Jacques drops the low, gentleness mid-song, bringing back his chest register, and it’s remarkable to hear how he harmonizes with himself in falsetto tone, playing creatively with the song’s arrangement.

Sure to cater to an audience who grew up listening to old school R&B and Soul, and now listens to adult contemporary stations on the radio and online, “Love Isn’t Good Enough” has the potential to lure new fans towards Jacques, as well as to the genre. Jacques has undoubtedly crafted his own brand of instantly recognizable soul-inflected R&B. It’s quite something for an artist to make such restrained, mellow and subtle music and still stand out from the crowd. Jacques is certainly unique.


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