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Sumptuous melodies abound, while Jasmin Stone’s angelic voice and understated musical arrangements give her EP, “Echoes” an almost unbearable poignancy.  This is just not the kind of album you can listen to in the background with the vacuum running, but that doesn’t make it inaccessible.

Jasmin brilliantly runs the full emotional gauntlet, her dazzling melodies serve not only to highlight her truly gifted songwriting and lyricism but stand as a showcase for the full expression and emotion this singer is capable of and is rarely seen elsewhere to this extent. From this EP comes her latest single and supporting video of “Time”.

Jasmin Stone
Jasmin Stone

The videoclip of the song narrates the story the story of “a bunch of dark fairies that put a spell on a young man, and one of them marries him while he’s asleep. The singer (his girl?) tries to touch his heart, but only the angel of doom can set him free from the spell. Everything happens in a strange magical forest – the trees are covered with colorful little jewels, toy-like snakes are hiding in the grass, fairy dust is in the air…”

Much like the above fairytale beckons the voice of Jasmin Stone – ethereal, magical, enchanting and almost mythical. The song is a true clincher which reminds us of the savagery, and beauty, of the human condition, glimpsed from a rare place of clarity. “Time”, given more than a cursory two plays through, will reveal a subtle and understated pure beauty and elegance rarely found in a music industry intent on mass marketing, radio play singles and lyrics you pick up on first listen.

Jasmin’s music can move you to every possible emotion in the book, be it sadness, joy, gratitude, loneliness, or simply reflectiveness. She seems perched atop a cloud in the sky looking over us. Each of her songs is hauntingly beautiful. Each track evokes something familiar.

Hearing “Time” is like rediscovering a secret that was first whispered to you centuries ago. Over and above her sublime voice, musicality and keyboard playing, it does help that both the EP and the single was produced by Danton Supple, well-known for his work with Coldplay and Morrissey among others. Danton captures all that is spellbinding in Jasmin Stone’s work, which tells me he invested a sufficient amount of effort, emotion, energy, and feeling into these songs.

Speaking of Jasmin, Supple said: “Working with Jasmin was great. Such a gentle, unusual tone and melodies. She’s happy to play with sounds to create an atmosphere to suit her story. Her debut international release, “Time” was an incredibly challenging and rewarding experience. It has a mixture of the old and new and something fairytale like about its sound.” 

“Time” is also a chance to discover a very special voice and performer. Don’t miss it. Jasmin Stone is known mostly as an award-winning film-composer, a keyboard player and a songwriter – but also runs a solo career.


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