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Junior Turner landed on the national music scene in 2010 and 2011 respectively with releases for BBC’s Children in Need and then the UK armed forces charity ‘Help For Heroes’. Subsequently Junior burst into the USA State charts with various number one hits, as well as winning several prestigious independent music awards. With two critically acclaimed albums under his belt – ‘Under Scrutiny’ and ‘Direction’, Turner has been absent from the indie music scene for 2 years. His is now set to officially return on the 28th of September with his brand new single release entitled “Unforgettable”.

We may have no idea what UK is feeding their emerging artists, but pop music and talent is alive and well in the UK and we are forever indebted to them for sending their artists across the pond. On his comeback after a 2-year hiatus, Junior Turner’s latest offering, “Unforgettable”, once again breathes new life into the pop music genre.

Junior’s phenomenal voice, irresistible vocal range, and writing gifts, makes for a unique blend that is sure to have a new generation of music listeners swaying, dancing, and singing.  The award-winning singing sensation, does more than impress with this track, which is probably darker and edgier than anything he has done thus far.

Junior Turner has created a project that is evocative and memorable. This is the type of powerful ballad that just stops you in your tracks and makes you listen. The track sees Turner valiantly fighting his emotional and psychological demons.

The strength and quality of Junior’s voice matches the tenacity of his will and temperament as he sings: “You’ll remember my name, I’m unforgettable. Every time you see his face, you know I’m unforgettable.”  It’s an amazing, soulful, passionate sound which is just a joy to listen to.

The greatest asset to a pop singer is usually his or her voice; in the case of Junior Turner, the acclaimed singer who has worked with the UK and world’s finest musicians and producers, has a very versatile set of pipes, capable of transitioning smoothly from convincingly emotional crooning to anywhere he dares to go, at a whim.

This foundation proves to be essential to Turner’s appeal, and allows him to carve out an identity distinct from the burgeoning independent music scene that surrounds him. “Unforgettable” continues to expand the efficiency of Junior Turner’s musical productions which added to the addictive vocal hooks, hits a powerful formula for more future success.

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