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The question is, how will one of rap’s most consistent and underrated wordsmiths continue his streak? Ever since Katrell The Phenomenal released his debut, underground fan expectations have been high. Living up to those expectations is what separates the good from the GOAT. To know Katrell Antonio Platt aka Katrell The Phenomenal is to see a rapper who aims for greatness. A music executive and artist, he has been able to adapt and evolve in order to survive the modern hip-hop landscape. Katrell The Phenomenal, was born in Mount Vernon, New York. Raised in Mullins, South Carolina & Kenly, North Carolina.

After three deployments and countless war exercises, K.P was honorably retired from the U.S. military, and began operating his production company full time, TruBrilliance Entertainment LLC. Named after his Suns, Truth & Brilliance. He has been making waves independently since inception, now after partnering up with Pairamilitary Music Group (Hollywood) & 100 Grand Entertainment. He has joined the Mixtape Addict team in 2020.

Katrell The Phenomenal is currently riding the waves with his latest single release, “Main Attraction” (feat. Ayo Q, Fat Felix). Right out of the block its sheen and shine, with a beat that slaps the eardrums and nods the head, as it moves around the words.

The lyrical clarity is excellent as Katrell and crew bring the bite. Their confidence makes every bar sharp. There is an infectious energy as Katrell The Phenomenal unfolds the narrative. He takes rap back to the fundamentals without losing the air of contemporary artistry.

“Main Attraction” (feat. Ayo Q, Fat Felix) is a rap-focused affair. The melodic versatility permeating the song is subtle allowing the lyricism to step up to the frontline. Katrell The Phenomenal muses without letting any idea linger too long; a thinker who doesn’t overthink his message.

He knows what he wants to say, and comes out to say it. He mixes raw poetry with a strong flowing production. Hip-hop and rap nowadays are filled with rappers who rely solely on the hype and production of the track to keep the listener entranced. This is simply not the case for Katrell.

“Main Attraction” (feat. Ayo Q, Fat Felix) shows that Katrell The Phenomenal has no intent of slowing down or losing his touch. He rounds up to excellent features in Ayo Q and Fat Felix, and together they kill it.

The union of the raw writing style, with the piano-driven production, and the different flavors brought by the features make the song special for me. The upshot of all of this is that the track nourishes both rap heads and vibe seekers. Katrell is currently one of the few rappers who is carrying the classic rap style into new heights.

Katrell The Phenomenal has been producing music that is leaps and bounds ahead of the rest of his contemporaries. If “Main Attraction” (feat. Ayo Q, Fat Felix), produced by Ayo Q is your first time listening to Katrell, please go listen to everything else this man has released. It’s all fire!





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