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Kee Beez grew up in the SF Bay area California with his ability to produce, perform and record. The Rap and Hiphop artist is fresh off his 10 track project “Keep It 100” from Da Kee Records. The recording has a refreshing flow to it that hip hop albums lately have been totally lacking. It exhibits a hip hop artist, holding out his pen-game and showing you a compass pointing to the true core of the hip hop culture that most albums fail to point to as of recent years. And it’s not just someone barely mumbling over lyrics with a single distorted drum machine going in the background: it’s drowned in badass instrumentals that leave your head moving while Kee Beez brings his A-game to the mic. This album is testament of how cocked, locked, and ready to rock, the rapper is.

“Keep It 100” proves why Kee Beez is one of the more skilled emcees today, as well as one of the more underrated ones in the underground. It seems that whenever Hip Hop looks bleak there is a bright light that comes along and gives those of us who have been here from the beginning and knows that Hip Hop is hope.

Let’s get the obvious out of the way here, this is a great-sounding album. The beats here are absolutely glorious, the production on this project is well done, and it contains a powerful West Coast vibe. Kee Beez’s effusive delivery and flow, with both wit and confidence, definitely fits these backdrops.

What you get from “Keep It 100” and Kee Beez is an album that captures the very essence of West Coast hip-hop. So there is plenty of vibe, groove and melody. Kee Beez’s delivery and flow is one to take note of, cruising through his verses with profound intelligence and immersion which you can feel throughout the record.

In some spots he bring his braggadocio and swagger, in others he brings introspection and thoughtfulness, making sure that the record is too good to be overlooked.  Kee Beez’s major appeal comes partly from his novel storytelling and his raw honesty, and there’s no shortage of that on “Keep It 100”.

Right from the opening track, “On The Reala”, we hear a hungry emcee fighting for his place in hip-hop while simultaneously opening up a book of first-person stories, like a novel listeners can hear told, from front to back. The exciting production continues on “I Be On Mine” with Kee Beez spitting skewed bars on the dynamic instrumental.

The beat captures a retrospective mood on “Manaj”, bolstered by female vocals on the hook.  “Ain’t No Thang” and “No Worries” are songs that knock and incite that West coast energy Kee Beez is so used to entertaining. The rapper really makes the effort to stand on his own throughout this project, imparting his own verses and many of the melodic hooks.

The banging club anthem, “Turnt Up”, signals the turning of the midway point. Here Kee Beez demonstrates his strengths, showing himself to be an alternative voice in the explosive West coast hip-hop scene of today. With little filler and rarely a dull moment, tracks like “Real Rich” and “Play in Ca”, showcase how the sharpened elements of Kee Beez’s  lyrical abilities and vibe are ripened to parallel his peers.

The artist knows his voice well and unleashes plenty of grit and spark on the back-to-back soulful tracks, “God’s Love” and “My Moment”. The result is a stellar album from one of the West Coast’s most gifted underground writers and spitters.



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