KeepStackZ is set to drop his album ‘Gifted’ on October 1st

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The artistic creativity, the introspection, the storytelling and scene setting – all the tolls that shaped the greatest rap and hip-hop albums in history are now overshadowed by a sea of auto-tune and repetitive trap beats. Quietly, on the sidelines, there have been a handful of artists, who have managed to blend the old and new, making authentic music that sounds real yet filled with vibes. One of them is the clever and endlessly charismatic wordsmith KeepStackZ. Eunique Gaither aka KeepStackZ, is a hip-hop and rap artist originating from the Bronx, New York. The founder of Graben Cash Entertainment, the talented artist is set to drop his album ‘Gifted’ on October 1st.

All of KeepStackZ’s bold creative choices coalesce into what is set to undoubtedly be his most unique album, if not his best project. A rapper prided on his music and not his antics, ‘Gifted’ will stand out not just because of its immediate subject matter, but also because of KeepStackZ’s passion for music, which helps to break that barrier between artist and subject. KeepStackZ has not only learned from his past peers and smart contemporaries but taken their attitudes to an entirely new level on ‘Gifted’.

And while KeepStackZ dwells on a number of ear-catching matters throughout the album, he makes sure that he delivers some undeniable bangers. ‘Gifted’ strikes the perfect balance of being an album worth listening to from the first to last track. You’ll rarely hear such honesty and true confidence in a rapper, expressing himself in a way that makes you want to dig deeper into the album with each listen.

On “Please You”, he lays his overtly lover boy cards plainly on the table. “Tell Me How You Want It. Maybe I Can Please You. Get You To The Bed Room. I Ain’t Gone Leave You. Lay It Down Flip You Over Baby Eat You. Be That Nigga That You Call When It’s Bed Time,” spits KeepStackZ, as he unfolds his explicit narrative.Look Shorty Yeah I Speak For The Gangster’s. I Ain’t Gone Paint No Pictures. I Wanna Slay Ya, Bend You Over. Slap It Right Call Me Your Mayor & Ima Tell You How That Pussy Feel Later. Back Shots And Deep Strokes That’s Pussy A1, Going Crazy,” he concludes.

At the same time, KeepstackZ can throw it down hard, as he does on “What You Know”, where he immediately gets confrontational. “Don’t Be Fucking With The Gang Boy There’s Consequences. The Hood Don’t Play And I Forgot To Mention. My Niggas Put In Work. We Don’t Fuck With A Pension. Baddest Kid Up In The School. Always In Detention. I See My Self In That Mirror. Don’t Like My Reflection. I’m a Gangster Really Savage. Got It To Perfеction.” It’s hard to deny liking his moments of lyrical and sonic immediacy.

More to the point than just likability is the trove of wonderful sounds and smooth flows on ‘Gifted’. It’s one that that makes the rapper worthy of not just admiration but respect and consideration, as a serious contender for future rap stardom behind the microphone. ‘Gifted’, is not just an album. It is a full-fledged statement from an artist with big dreams, and on the rise. Moreover, KeepstackZ sounds like one of those rare artists who are genuinely in it for the art and the craft, over and above the fame and the money.

The ‘GIFTED’ track list includes: ‘Hood Poetry’, ‘Me & Cuz’, ‘Human’, ‘Gifted Interlude’, ‘Brutal’, ‘Riding Around’, ‘Please You’, ‘Don’t Panic’, ‘Left Lane’, ‘Dead Opps (ft. Tae Lo)’, ‘Nothing Gone Stop Me’, and ‘Outro’.


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