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Texas-based rapper, Kidricc James drops his dynamic new single “Gravy”. The track which has been peaking on Digital Radio Tracker’s Global Top 150 Independent Airplay Chart, is also supported by an engaging video shot in Houston. If I had to give a quick intro into this track, it would be: Great emotional depth in storytelling. Engaging beat. Thoroughly satisfying rap skills. More than just multisyllabic rhymes. Relatable and relevant. I think Kidricc James accomplished his intents with this track. “Gravy”really revolves around him in a much more different way than his prior works.

It’s his vision in a much fuller way, and to me presents a personal feeling and intent. Don’t get me wrong this is still a bravado-bound song, but there’s much more layers being peeled back here and messages being put out. He dug deep into nostalgia, relationships, community, family, hustle and social issues, reflecting on them in very real ways.

Suffice to say I really think this is a great track from the lyrics, to the powerful, very dope production across the board that supports the storyline. There’s a lot of sonic content driving this, personal and straight-up hip hop record. This is both inspiring headphone and street music.

It’s a great work of art that makes you think and feel, and gives you an intimate look into Kidricc James’ mindset. What’s found in the track, even prior to the storyline though, is an excellent display of Texas energy. Kidricc dives in on “Gravy” over booming 808s and shimmering keys, which set the tone for the hard-hitting production heard throughout the track.

Whatever you think of the debate between rap generations, there’s no denying the lyrical power of Kidricc James. For Kidricc, that lyrical power most often comes in the form of vivid storytelling, which here is truly film-like. His voice resonates as he exclaims, “You cannot mess with me. I got angels protecting me.”

Listening to this track, Kidricc sounds like he’s a veteran at life. And when the meat of the track finally arrives, his extraordinary lyricism and storytelling shines through. Kidricc captures listeners with his poetic style of flowing, and gives us a nostalgic feel. Unlike many of his contemporaries, Kidricc James manages to make his truths into a digestible listen.

Kidricc James has built a strong reputation as a lyricist, possibly one of the best out there right now in the underground. Lyrically, he is an emcee who doesn’t disappoint and is continually listened to, for his talent at crafting bars. The gravity in his words is matched by the sound of the production.

He shows dexterity in how he approaches the song, frequently switching his cadence and delivery. His honesty is intentional and it’s bound to deepen the connection between Kidricc and his fans. For anyone who has been following his career since “The Warning” in 2005 – and even those who have been following him since more recently – “Gravy” is a welcomed progression in a life story that leaves no stone unturned.


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