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KiNg EmErY is a rapper originally from Dallas, TX. He discovered his talent for rapping when he was in the 3rd grade, and has been using music as a way to express himself and deal with obstacles in his life ever since. In 2018, KiNg EmErY recorded his mixtape “Critically Acclaimed” which garnered national attention. He also launched his own independent record label, Money Maker Nation. His current project is the 5 song EP “Royalty Fees” with fellow artist N’Less Fee. The strange duality of chill trap adrenaline meets saccharine melodies is what KiNg EmErY and N’Less Fee have brought to hip-hop. It’s a bizarre yin and yang contrast that works brilliantly.

The two personify the modern artistic vision of the genre. KiNg EmErY is very present in hip-hop’s ever-changing terrain by building upon his winning formula with reinvigorated flair, on each subsequent release,

“Royalty Fees” gravitates towards today’s trap sound without copying generic flows or mimicking styles. Each beat is filled with sharp 808s and bellicose bass undertones, creating infectious understated bangers that bring strong replay value.

“Old Relationships” is an example of when style, swagger, and sound work in perfect unison as KiNg EmErY and N’Less Fee shows off their capabilities. But even if their flows weren’t filled with captivating tricks, their personality and enormous presence alone are extremely effective. KiNg EmErY’s music is intended to please chart followers, festival crowds and hip-hop fans alike – and this EP caters to them all.

Few songs reflect this dynamic more than “$Tar”. It’s a brazen slow burning trunk-rattler, and its drawn-out yet catchy chorus is overflowing with detailed imagery. Although KiNg EmErY and N’Less Fee are coolly detached from the ricocheting beat, their rapping and singing gives the song the intoxicated haziness that we encounter in many new wave artists.

“Drip” is leaps and bounds above everyone’s expectations. The song is a much-needed, razor-edged counterpoint to the finesse of the beat. The rapping is raw and abrasive, though still retaining a melodic quota.  “Texas Hustle” comes next, menacing, with a sinister flow and understated bare-boned beat.

When “Royalty Fees” hits, it hits with deft accuracy. Which is what it does on “Super Soaker”. The swag and energy continues to unlock on this closing track. In an era when streaming music demands excessive track lists, this recording delivers quality by zeroing in on its creators’ charisma, clarifying the appeal that’s there the whole time.

You’re reminded that, no matter the style, lyrics or anything else, “Royalty Fees” selling point is KiNg EmErY and N’Less Fee’s chemistry. Their unique talents show us why it’s so important they do what they do on this EP.

It is wonderfully stitched together with lots of layers that roll out sweet and slow and smooth like a fresh bottle of maple syrup. “Royalty Fees” has a flow and spirit that makes it a pleasure to listen to. It is just a great mix of excellent songwriting, instrumentation, and modern production.


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