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King Femi is a Hip-Hop/Rap artist from Atlanta, GA. His latest single is “Rolex”, released via Royal Family Productions, LLC. A video for the track is also available on YouTube. The clips were shot at well-known landmarks around Atlanta, showcasing the culture of the city. On his latest single, King Femi invites listeners into his fascinating hazed-out psychedelic sound. The song incorporates a myriad of infectious lyrics onto an incredibly amped-up backdrop. The track is topped off with a beat that will surely make one feel like they are experiencing their own intoxicating trip in a hedonistic-induced world, draped in luxury and dreams.

“Rolex” perfectly represents King Femi’s uncanny ability to carefully curate each and every facet of his artistry. He gives equal attention to the aesthetic of his brand as well as the production of his track. When listening to a King Femi record, you should expect the unpredictable, as the rapper successfully integrates his innovative ideas into one clear and thrilling experience.

The artist owns and operates his own refined trap vibe, and “Rolex” with its cocksure attitude, shows how cleverly he’s honed and crafted this sonic scenario. It’s no exaggeration to say that from the opening note until the last drum beat, the listener emerges feeling they’ve been fully engaged.

King Femi is a commanding storyteller in his own right, and when he’s in the mood, he tosses his audience from one brazen, colorful lyric to the next, with descriptive ease.

Unlike many of his contemporaries, King Femi also, crucially, proves to be largely adept at self-control, allowing a natural flow between the track’s sonic peaks and valleys. So he doesn’t hit you over the head with too many bells and whistles, allowing his lyricism to get through the kaleidoscopic fusion of the sound effects.

King Femi creates music that makes your soul leave your body, and ascend into a dreamlike state. Into a world where you can achieve what you strive and fight for. In King Femi’s case, the metaphor is represented by a Rolex. You may substitute that with your own desires, but the lesson, and the craving, remains the same.

The rapper fuses psychedelic, pop, and rap into this song that results in a splash of sounds that are strikingly captivating. This leads to the bubbly synth riffs, persuasive percussion and sweet hooks on “Rolex”. Every beat, instrument, and fusion of sound, brings out the creativity in the production and King Femi’s style.

The production on the single is one of its finest qualities. Furthermore, unlike most artists who would like to utilize featured guests to the maximum, King Femi takes a different approach. There are none.

He carries this track on his own, alongside the powerful production. “Rolex” finds King Femi showing a rapper who can sound dexterous over a dizzying production and fully command attention.


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