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Kirshann Venu Das, also known as KIRSHANN, is a 21 year old singer-songwriter with roots in Singapore and Malaysia. Recording in his bedroom, he fuels his imagination with his love for experimentation to create new concepts and sounds. Twice featured on Spotify’s New Music Friday Singapore, KIRSHANN’s professionally produced debut album, ‘About Last Night’, was released on 27 March 2020.  “The album represents the cyclical nature of doing the wrong thing because at that particular moment, nothing feels more right,” explained KIRSHANN, talking about the overarching theme of the recording. “No one else understands what your unhinged-self did, they just had to be there.”

Listening to ‘About Last Night’ is like experiencing the rush of late night clubbing…and the hours thereafter. KIRSHANN is dreamy electronica pop-dance music for people that love passionate encounters, partying, and hedonistic lifestyle choices…with a deep emotional twist.

He effortlessly blends the sweet feeling of deep love with passionate lust and then someone that has an afflicted soul, all chronicled within this one album’s concept. ‘About Last Night’ is a haze of love, passion and longing. KIRSHANN makes you break into an honest sweat of emotion and love it.

This is a smooth, exciting, and sincere body of work that gorgeously showcases KIRSHANN unique, modern pop stylings while also providing a glimpse into the soul of a dreamer who has nothing but genuine intentions.

The 10-track collection is packed with a commercially-viable electro-pop resonance and intimate narratives. Fueled by a trio of absolutely hypnotic opening singles, “Roller”, “Bad Timing”, and “Easy on Me”, there are a handful of other songs that could easily sneak their way onto radio shows, like “Wild as Me”, “Fall Apart” and the climatic “Parties”.

Yet for all the smooth rhythms and sensual grooves, of which this album is lushly layered, it was the slower, more intimate songs that really grabbed my attention. Above all “Some Day”. There is something tremendously hypnotic about KIRSHANN’s lone, melancholic, and longing voice, surrounded only by minimal instrumentation.

In fact the acapella intro on “Some Day”, presents the most emotionally striking 45 seconds on the entire album, leaving me filled with Goosebumps. There is no better sensation than when you actual ‘feel’ music, and it happens here in the most beautiful way.

The other song that resonated with me, is “Don’t Want it to End”. This is another arrangement that is primarily built on a restrained sonic architecture, dominated by piano and a subtle drumbeat. KIRSHANN’s voice again, navigates the track with deliberate, but gently searching vocal strokes that reach for the heartstrings.

Whenever I listen to music, honesty is always something that instantly makes it a lot more relatable and powerful. There’s a huge difference between artists who just sing words because they’re told to, and artists who take it in from the heart by putting to paper all the experiences they’ve felt, no matter how positive or negative they may be.

With that in mind, it’s no surprise that better songwriting comes from those who are earnest about themselves. KIRSHANN is one of those songwriters. Whether you love or loathe his music style, you cannot avoid being captivated by the candor of his honesty.

Ranging from seductive to melancholic, there’s a lush texture to KIRSHANN’s performances that gives it a sense of earnestness and relatability. Within the realms of modern pop music, there are very few as self-aware and singularly focused on carving out their own lane, as KIRSHANN. ‘About Last Night’ plays testimony to that fact.



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