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Recording artist Gregory L. Catron aka K’Tron, from Portsmouth, VA, has lived in various states including Louisiana and North Carolina. He creates a multifaceted sound by combining soul, R&B and Hip-Hop. Exposed to the sounds of Marvin Gaye, The Temptations, and Boyz 2 Men, in his household while growing up, it was when he heard R. Kelly’s ‘Honey Love’ that K’Tron knew the music industry was where he wanted to be. He released his first single, “Why Did You Leave” in 2001, and has since worked as an underground artist, across Miami, New Orleans, Atlanta, and of course Virginia. Now signed to Charlton Family Entertaimment LLC, he has released his official debut “Rock With Me”, and has followed that up with “Tattooed Handz”, which dropped on August 07, 2020.

The most impressive thing about “Tattooed Handz”, is that K’Tron stuck to the script. And by that, I mean the original R&B script – a distinct and sultry mid-tempo sound, sexy playful innuendos, and K’Tron bearing his passionate soul with soulful croons, in a creeping bedroom burner for those quarantined nights. This is cut from the cloth of legendary R&B and Soul singers.

Appealing to listeners of varying ages and stylistic preferences, his supple tenor tones and captivating phrasing is hard to resist. Though the lyrics point to more explicit proceedings, K’Tron’s cool and calm purveyance of the lines captures the mood appealingly. Subtly weaving in traces of hip-hop production, K’Tron’s performance fits the arrangement like hand in glove.

While K’Tron might not be forging into completely unexpected territory on “Tattooed Handz”, he demonstrates throughout a keen awareness of the sonic qualities R&B heads desire while incorporating just enough of a contemporary urban edge to recruit fans from neighboring genres. In both his songwriting and delivery, he exudes an assured sensitivity that makes for a consistently pleasing listening experience.

The more you listen to “Tattooed Handz”, the more you like the song. It’s like your ears become more sensitive to everything and you learn to appreciate the track better each time. It ticks all the boxes for me, the hook literally breaks down all the walls while the slow-burning keyboard arrangement and drum pattern hit hard with everything musically right. K’Tron could be singing the alphabet, and you’d still be sold. Just listen to those notes he’s hitting so effortlessly.

All throughout “Tattooed Handz”, K’Tron vocals soar, and it’s partly due to the production that slingshots them into the stratosphere. He travels with the sound, before taking off into the beyond. This song is good for those that want to lay back and enjoy the ride in their home setting and it’s all the better for listening together with your loved one, as K’Tron knows how to set the mood just right.

K’Tron might not be mentioned in the same breath as R&B’s heavyweights just yet, but if he keeps releasing tracks this strong, he soon will be. A singer-songwriter with a smooth demeanor, K’Tron should be all over the urban charts right now.

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