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Thumping club rhythms, euphoria-dripped melodies and an electrifying energy that just keeps giving. Welcome to the exhilarating new world of La Trice Perry, an emerging producer who’s currently making her mark on the global music scene. Her style is bold, daring and impossible to ignore as she fuses complex rhythms to intricate instrumentation and death-defying drops. Wobbly, uplifting and dizzyingly fresh, Perry’s signature sound cements her as a very exciting new electronic artist to grace the scene. She’s performed at countless clubs and underground nights across the years and refused to be put in a box, creating something entirely fresh that blurs the line between a range of genres.

La Trice Perry

The DJ of over twelve years has just released her latest album “304” and it’s nothing short of a feel-good floor-filler. Pulsating with contagious energy and a smoky, club atmosphere, the release pushes the boundaries of what’s possible in the genre.

The record came about in the midst of the pandemic. She was struggling to find work as a DJ and so began dipping into her arsenal of music to find something interesting. Recently escaping an abusive relationship that left her homeless and brokenhearted in a foreign country really motivated her to put out this latest record. The result is something drenched in emotion, authenticity and oozing in originality.

The name of the album stems from a number that has haunted her for much of her life. Wherever she looks, she sees it. For example when looking at a clock it will say “3.04”. She came to the conclusion that this is her “angel number”, a sign that she is on the right path. She names the album 304 as a sort of tribute to this number and a response to the universal energy to say thank you for being there for her.

Her hope is for the release to mainly get people dancing and feeling good. Like much of her songs it aims to light up the dancefloor and get people moving into electronic-fueled bliss. The record marks a special moment in her life. The moment she stopped worrying about the judgment of others and finally faced her fears.

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