London Dre – “Bail Me Out” ft. Flash Baker – opens up his mind and heart, bleeding them both into the music

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Former medic and Afghanistan veteran, George “Mik” Todd, grew up freestyling and rapping in Memphis, Tennessee from a young age. He professionally took on the name Doc Todd, and armed with his hip-hop skills, made music to reach other combat veterans suffering from post-traumatic stress disorder, depression, or substance abuse, after he had suffered and fought his own demons for many years. On dropping the album “Combat Medicine”, the rapper received national press, via media outlets such as CNN, NPR, ABC and more, for his valiant creative efforts and affecting life story.

As can be gauged by his personal narrative up until now, Todd is not someone who stagnates alongside life’s circumstances. He is always moving forward, looking for solutions and a better, more rightful way to exist in society.

This has led to a name change. And now, as London Dre, Todd strives to engage a more diverse audience and positively impact race relations in the US. On his latest single, “Bail Me Out” ft. Flash Baker from Atlanta, London Dre affronts the theme of overcoming traumas, while accepting the things that caused them.

Some of his best songs are memorable for their emotional impact, and this track is no different. London Dre’s gritty, gravelly raps are perfectly juxtaposed by Flash Baker’s silky, soulful croons. The result is a slow-burning rollercoaster of emotions.

Right upon first listen to the new single, it’s clear that London Dre is right at the top of his game, and has picked up right where he left off on his previous work, while raising the bar up another notch.

Profound, emotionally delivered hard-hitting rhymes, over a haunting and atmospheric beat, drives the core of “Bail Me Out”. For his part, Flash Baker adds a stirring vocal performance that tears at the heartstrings. It’s sonically, an impacting combination that will hold your attention throughout the song.

This is the sound of an emotionally committed, yet rugged emcee leading in his lane and doing what he does best. What I like most about “Bail Me Out” ft. Flash Baker is that the track showcases many aspects of London Dre’s rap ability – his wordplay, his storytelling, his flow, nuancing and diction.

London Dre has it all neatly packed in his skillset. But technical skills alone, without the ability to connect emotionally and mentally with the listener, renders those skills almost futile. Thankfully London Dre’s music allows the rapper to create a powerful empathetic connection with his audience.

By now, you should know what you get when you pop “Bail Me Out” ft. Flash Baker in the headphones. Serious spitting with cleverly crafted lyrics, which London Dre has sharpened to become first class, passion, realness, soulful crooning from Flash Baker, and a solid, mesmerizing beat. In a perfectly honest world, this would be a recipe for commercial success and critical acclamation.

London Dre is one of those artists who continues to push the art, without sacrificing its foundations. He is a wordsmith with an inherent ability to connect words and phrases together effortlessly. London Dre opens up his mind and heart, bleeding them both into his music.

Connect with London Dre @officiallondondre on Instagram.

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