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“Visions” instantly begins with uplifting and sweeping string parts while the drums crash and roll. The bass is warm and comforting instead of imposing, yet retains its rumbling insistence. A perfectly balanced arrangement of highs and lows, while the sound is tonally flawless. There are plenty of moments of intrigue and mystery which signal more to come. This track pulsates with life. It builds towards crescendos which sound like a waves crashing; there is constant movement in the sound and static in the build ups towards every climax. This my friends, is the latest track from Italian orchestral and progressive rock composer, Lorenzo Armando Aldo Bazzoni.

Lorenzo Bazzoni is becoming an absolute cornerstone of instrumental orchestral-rock ambition. Coupled with cinematic inspiration and pinnacle composing skills, “Visions” is an absolute work of art and could not really be bettered in any way. Unless of course, you had it played live by an 80-piece symphony orchestra at the Royal Albert Hall, in London, England. This new composition goes above and beyond its recent predecessors in many ways while maintaining the aesthetic and atmosphere of those releases.

While Lorenzo Bazzonis genre contemporaries, at times compromise their explosive energy and sound in favor of more commercially sounding aesthetics, the Italian composer’s music remains experimental, textural and atmospherically focused, while at the same time bringing a great balance between the two extreme poles of his sonic range. He continues to take his compositional skills to its zenith, cruising through lush dramatic landscapes towards thunderous climaxes.

“Visions”, like all of Lorenzo Bazzoni’s compositions, sounds less forced and more focused in terms of its musical expression. In particular, the track demonstrates that there is a grander purpose to Bazzoni’s musical pieces than a spectacle of technical prowess. Lorenzo Bazzoni certainly has the ability to create immersive, bombastic soundscapes that drag his audience through the depths of their own beings. Even though there are huge, loud passages things never seem self-indulgent, but more searching.

Lorenzo Armando Aldo Bazzoni’s music keeps evolving with layers of orchestral sound and rock forays creating cinematic and dynamic sonic palettes to work from. He delivers sonic moments that set the senses alight, that send the mind’s eye spinning through galactic vistas, even a dozen listens later. Its orchestral rock that goes beyond expectations for the genre, even while working within its confines. “Visions”, again, finds a new striking intensity in Lorenzo Bazzoni’s work.

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