Lorenzo Gabanizza – “Straight To The Heart” delivers a message of hope, strength and healing

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Singer-songwriter Lorenzo Gabanizza has collaborated with some of the most well-established, prolific and sought-after artists during his career. Gabanizza, who is regarded as an incredibly skilled and clever, cerebral songwriter responsible, also looks at collaborating as a means to better his own craft and to keep it fresh. After a terrible accident in 2018, which put a temporary halt to the work on his upcoming album “Out of darkness”, the Italian music creative dropped two singles in 2019, namely “I am wrong”(February) and “Come Back to me”(June). He now aptly closes the year with his latest single “Straight To The Heart”, which is not only about romantic sentiments, but affronts the theme of hope and strength for those in need. The mastering of the single is handled by Grammy winner and multi-platinum L.A. based engineer Don Tyler, who among the others has worked with Bob Dylan, Pink Floyd, and the Rolling Stones. Amongst the musicians working with Gabanizza on his new album, you’ll find Robby Pellati (Ligabue’s drummer), Max Gabanizza (Mauro Pagani’s bass player), and Luca Marcìas (Antonella Ruggiero’s guitar player).

“Straight To The Heart” could certainly be looked at as a record which centers on Lorenzo Gabanizza’s personal relationship with a love interest, but it can also be coupled with his disillusion towards society’s reliance on the detrimental effects caused by the lack of real human connection, and the emotional and physical isolation resulting in the disconnect that ultimately makes us all very vulnerable.

The singer effectively captures this mindset throughout the track, while the introspective composition radiates with Gabanizza’s powerful vocal dynamics and heartfelt narrative. “Straight To The Heart” is a masterfully crafted, pop-rock infused track that has all of the elements of a hit single with a great hook and instantly memorable chorus.

Enriching, and emotionally charged, Gabanizza’s vocals are intense and passionate.  The haunting electric guitar interludes, vibrate with soul-searching resonance, as does the layered vocal harmonies. Lorenzo Gabanizza’s deeply intense lyrics, coupled with the effective use of the female, gospel-like background singers, makes this fresh and vibrant song a real gem. There is no doubt in my mind that this track will certainly be a fan favorite and a highlight for future live performances by Gabanizza.

Underscored by a memorable melody, sweeping guitars, and a swaggering steady drum and bass rhythm, the track sees singer-songwriter Lorenzo Gabanizza cleverly skewer the instant gratification generation with a catchy chorus and a message that goes down easy with any age group.

All you need is a beating heart and a desiring soul to understand where Gabanizza is going with his narration. He is unpacking memories, experiences and lessons that he has collected, and now delivers his message of hope, strength and healing. The constant with this track, apart from the great vocals and musical arrangement, is definitely the level of lyrical content.

The magic of “Straight To The Heart” are those poetic lines that jump out and cut right through you. This track is full of those moments, and the rich orchestration is the perfect bed for those impactful lyrics. My recommendation for listening to this record is to sit down and truly hear it.

This is not a track to be played in the background. It is a song that needs your attention, and will surely grab hold of it by force, one way or another. Lorenzo Gabanizza has battled demons in his lifetime – from overcoming sexual abuse as a child, to facing the reality of depression as he got older. Hence his songs come from a deep and affected place.

Lorenzo Gabanizza is also actively involved in social issues, supporting fundraising and charitable organizations. Part of the royalties of “Straight To The Heart” will be donated to Talinda Bennington’s 320 Changes Direction. The charity was created to not only honor Linkin Park’s late lead singer Chester Bennington, but to help aid those who continue struggling with mental health.

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