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There are a lot of music enthusiasts out there who see electronic music as nothing more than an annoyance, a blip on the radar that should be ignored; people who concede that plunging into its depths and origins is a journey not worth taking. For every fan that lives by that creed is another fan who takes great pride and pleasure in exploring and enjoying everything that the genre has to offer. Whether it be Trance, House or just straight Techno, these fans relish anything new put forth by the true artists of the genre. Evoking a musical wonderland of delight, these artists seek to tempt and lure us into their clutches, burrow their way into our sub consciousness, and then refuse to leave. One such artist seeking to put his own stamp on the electronic genre is pianist and producer Lreds, based in Rome (Italy).

In the space of just a couple of years Lreds has released an array of more than pleasurable singles. Not content with the guidelines of EDM genre, Lreds rips up the rulebook, and blends his sound with Pop, Rock and Alternative music. The man prides himself on keeping clear of the clichés and staying at the head of the pack. His latest release is the pop crossover single “To The Moon” featuring Rafaela Koseva.

One thing that needs to be said now is this: Lreds likes to surprise. No two of his singles sound exactly the same. Obviously certain elements permeate over all of his creations, but just like a maze there is enough twists and turns to ensure that every track takes you somewhere new. Equaling the talent and quality heard on his previous release “Tell Me” ft. Rafaela Koseva, this new single seeks to continue that momentum.

Filled with glistening synth lines and throbbing, hypnotic basslines that constantly swell and surge, addictively caught in your head days after listening, “To The Moon” has a playful melody and hard snapping snare drum. This is a track that rewards undistracted, repeat listening to unpack its sonic detail and lyrical transparency.

Whereas some artists have opted to abandon their core sound in search of more innovative sonic ground, Lreds has chosen to carve out a style which he gradually improves upon with each new outing. And as such he sounds fresh and new every time.

“To The Moon” is nothing short of infectious. With one taste you’ll crave more, until the song is frantically thumping through your head at all hours of the night. Armed with a slightly retro, adrenaline-pumping beat and a melodic vocal appearance, this is the kind of musical force that continues to establish Lreds’ place in the underground industry.

Lreds has evolved as an artist but at the same time he has also developed a recognizable sound. His level of production and attention to detail is exquisite and adds a lot to the listener’s experience.


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