Lupae Filius & Just A Random – “This Is” narrates experiences and aspirations within their city

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This year alone, Lupae Filius – a rapper, singer, producer and beatmaker from Stavanger, Norway – has attracted a lot of international attention for his impressive performances on tracks like “Run”, “Heard It All” and “On A Vybe”. He was definitely setting the bar high, and met all of the expectations that were set for him. Born Sebastian Jonassen, Lupae Filius has been working his craft for well over a decade. Lupae raps and sings with a cool passion that draws you in and intrigues you. He has a certain smooth swagger when it comes to his approach and his lyrics. On top of everything, apart from demonstrating his vocal skills, Lupae’s self-produced beats also sound fantastic, showing that he’s very well-versed on all fronts.

If there is one track that manages to coalesce the many special elements of this rapper/singer/producer/songwriter’s artistry, that noble title would be given to his latest single release, “This Is”. The track dropped on September 23rd, and was premiered on a Norwegian radio station and a TV channel on the same day.

On the track, alongside Lupae Filius, we find singer/rapper Just A Random, who also hails from Stavanger, Norway. Though the two artists are both based in the same city, they never knew each other previously.

“This Is” turns out to be very warm and inviting, with a beautiful slow to mid-tempo groove to it, allowing Lupae Filius and Just A Random to narrate the experiences lived in their city.

As he proved on previous tracks, Lupae can be a very technical and profound lyricist, while at the same time he is able to focus on the vibes and grooves, together with displaying sharp, mellifluous and high-caliber rap-singing. Lupae Filius manages to find a meaty compromise between “This Is” being a clean pop track, and still infectious in its scope of rap and hip-hop.

Just A Random is also up to the task, and flips between his signature singing voice, and a relaxed, breezy rapping flow with little to no effort. He brings the listener up and down through lulls and crescendos with ease, providing a clean, homogeneous counter to Lupae Filius’ delivery.

“This Is” is a blend of different styles, and Lupae along with Just A Random, blur the lines of singer and rapper further, and more effectively, than many of their contemporaries in rap and hip-hop. It’s a set of triumphant performances that embodies the heart and soul of their craft and their city.

As we’ve come to expect with Lupae Filius, it all comes together fabulously smooth. On “This Is”, Lupae has once again emerged with his vibrant, soulful sound, lyrical prowess and uncompromising ingenuity at the forefront.

The song transports listeners though Lupae Filius and Just A Random’s life experiences and aspirations, within a beat that is nothing less than captivating. There is a sense of wonder, as you keep hitting repeat on a track that presents a complete vision, from a couple of blossoming artists that are not only super talented, but combining their skills for a sonic revolution.


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