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Born in Germany, but residing in the United States as a citizen, Mav0 is a music producer with a focus on creating hard-hitting EDM beats with a unique punch. His sound blurs the lines between the dubstep, future bass, and deep house stylistic definitions, often defies genre by working outside of those sonic borders as well. Mav0, who has been making music for a while now, honed his craft, producing on software such as Studio One Professional and Serum. He soon developed his own sound, making custom patches and coming out with a great tone for each song. Mav0 is the sort of artist you need a roadmap to navigate.

A purveyor of experimentation in music, Mav0 maneuvers across varying sonic terrains, always surprising, and staying one step ahead of his audience. The producer’s catalog of songs is labyrinthine wanderings beyond convention and exclusive to those with an open mind. Paradoxically, Mav0 manages to be deep and profoundly emotive as his beats batter relentlessly. His new song “Taking You There” reaps his sensorial qualities by attaching a rare and ethereal melodic depth to his already expansive sound.

The latest single “Taking You There” signals another left turn in his creativity. Keywords used in launching the track include: Future bass, Dubstep, EDM, and otherworldly. All of which give you a clue as to how Mav0 melds his sounds and styles. The first three keywords mentioned above, may match seamlessly for many EDM producers, but it’s the ingredient of “otherworldly” that makes it a Mav0 exclusive.

It’s that special mysterious flavor which Mav0 introduces into his compositions that make his songs unpredictable and capricious. Once the song starts you can never tell where the producer will eventually go with it. “Taking You There” is no exception to the rule. It starts off with quiet and warm intro before Mav0 introduces a variety of melodic synth motifs that are interspersed with some growling keys and deep basslines.

Moving forward, the drums become more dynamic and voluminous, and everything feels distinctly open to possibility, powered by a sonic lifeblood pulsating through the veins of each instrument. The intricate programming is rich and tangible behind the music’s constantly revolving backdrop, as Mav0 brings in various layers of synths, each with its own particular sound – some aggressive, others mellifluous – while underneath the beat kicks, slaps and bangs kinetically.

The beat and the synths on “Taking You There”, are fractured. Everything has a stutter beauty to it, as they slide in and out of the mix. Once you listen to the track back-to-back you get a better idea of who Mav0 is and how he may see the world. He takes us to a wonderful place full of natural beauty and hope, but it is also a dark and mysterious dwelling, captured in exquisite detail.

From the opening bars, Mav0 keeps you guessing, as it feels like any second he may abandon the conventions of the rhythm, melody and song structure, moving the song down another avenue, but he never does. His constant shape-shifting, is to make sure that you are paying attention to his concept and style of music creation, every step of the way!


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