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What happens when you are able to capture the opinions of over eighty legendary music stars – past and present – on the essential topics of religion, aliens, politics and the issues of climate change? You put together a staggeringly enlightening, and thought-provoking book entitled, ‘Minds Behind the Music’ which features questions tackled by the likes of Suzi Quatro, Don McLean, Kenney Jones, Marcella Detroit, Ian Anderson, Simon Kirke and many more.

However the ambition to turn something great, into something essentially epic, this project went another step further, by accompanying the book with a fundraising album, also called, ‘Minds Behind the Music’. The album features a variety of impacting songs, recorded specifically for the project by a collective of indie music stars who joined forces with Mungo Jerry, Simon Kirke (Bad Company/Free) and others.

Proceeds from the ‘Minds Behind the Music’ project will go to the Born Free Foundation, the animal charity founded by Virginia McKenna OBE, Will Travers OBE and Bill Travers MBE, who are passionate about wild animal welfare and compassionate conservation.

“Nothing speaks to people more than music,” stated a spokesperson on behalf of the project. “These legends of rock and pop have an immense influence on their fans and speak their truth and feelings around the state of planet Earth. ‘Minds Behind the Music’ is a ground-breaking book and shares meaningful insight with music fans.”

Although there are a lot of policies that need to come from local, state, federal, and global leaders, there are also many things we can do to make a difference in raising awareness about the plight of the planet.

‘Minds Behind the Music’, is the perfect example, of one of those things. They have gathered the voices, the messages and the music of two entire generations, into one mighty pool of wisdom and entertainment that will rock your world, an attempt to save the planet at the same time.

‘Minds Behind the Music’, contains 14 inspiring and wholesome tracks that run the wire from electronic gusto to roots-rock soundscapes and indie flavors, with a whole lot of raw-grit rock n’ roll in-between. There’s an art to putting together an album’s worth of music that doesn’t have you hitting the skip button. Especially when the music blends a disparate selection of tastes, and the double-edging swords of both indie artists and major label legends.

The ‘Minds Behind the Music’ compilation, is like discovering a hidden treasure – some whose prestigious value you instantly recognize, and others that you didn’t even know existed. This is an album, and book, you need to own for any number of logical reasons, some of them extremely noble, and helpful to this planet, and especially the humans who reside on it.

If you’ve ever desired to start making a difference in this world, with even a simple gesture of thoughtfulness, you have that chance with ‘Minds Behind the Music’.

The book was launched on the 29th of Oct 2021, while the album dropped on the 12th of November. Find more info here: and connect or follow the project here: All streams can be found here:

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