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Raised in Houston, Texas with a great respect and love for music of all genres, Moo-You’s biggest influences musically included 2pac, Nas, Scarface, Mary J Blige, Outkast, Michael Jackson, Eminem, and Bun-B. Back with the 808 boom, the stone-cold rhymes, and that sturdy, warrior soul, Moo-You shows off his consistency in his latest EP project “I’m Not In Love But Love Is In Me”. Anyone familiar with his previous efforts will find the same mix of radio-friendly singles and the kind of Houston-styled street music made popular by the area’s legendary crews. Moo-You’s aqueous drawl and throat-attacking, uncompromising sneer, contrasts his effervescent verses. There are many moments of lyrical clarity, when the rapper’s observations cut through the thick twang of his voice, easily being the highlights of the record.

This is one of the better rap EP’s I’ve heard in quite a while, and definitely one of the most solid Southern underground recordings I’ve heard in years. While some Southern artists only get across because of their beats, some get across with their swagger and charisma, and even a select few get across with superb lyrics, Moo-You manages to combine all of those three things into one outstanding package.

Moo-You is an almost perfect emcee in every sense of the word; the wordplay, the flow, the diction, the presence, the ear for beats. He even gets considerably deeper than most of his Southern contemporaries, and is most definitely one of the most underrated lyricists in the game.

Tracks like “I’m The Shit” and “Die For You” sound like classic anthems instantly. However, they’re most definitely not the only highlights to be found on this EP. “Inspiration” has a soulful and an infectiously sung hook, while “Never Had” features some soaring elements, not leasthigh-pitched Maxwell sample that contrasts Moo-You’s low range rasp.

Moo-You gets down on all his verses as he has learned to make great songs rather than a song with simply two good verses. Everyone listens to rap for different reasons: beats, lyricism, punchlines, stories, messages, etc. When listening to “I’m Not In Love But Love Is In Me”, you get all of that. You can’t really go wrong if every facet of the rap game is covered.

Moo-You’s rhyme scheme is technically intricate but never over-complex, and he has a way to capture your attention because he rhymes with passion and charisma – something rappers have forgotten about in the past few years. Moo-You has talent and it’s no surprise this EP is Hot. From banging beats to spitting fire over tracks, Texas really is the home of the playas and pimps, and Moo-You is on top of his game here.

While others may claim that they keep real, they don’t even come close to Moo-You. He’s on his game on just about every track. Whatever he is talking about, he’s always doing it with a skill, and a fierce style of rap that will have folks taking notice. “I’m Not In Love But Love Is In Me” is definitely a breath of fresh air compared to the snap, crackle and pop tunes polluting the airwaves nowadays.


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