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Artists like Natalie Jean and Rory Gardiner are blurring the lines between country, pop and rock, and creating new fans for all these genres in the process. Great heart-felt lyrics, melodic harmonies and inspiring lead vocals. Storytellers with something worthwhile to say and saying it beautifully to a broad audience. Regardless of genre, good music like this will always stand on its own and attract an ever-growing audience.  It’s easy to see they’re not just in it for commercial ends, Natalie Jean and Rory Gardiner appear to love their craft and keep refining it while their own musical preferences continue to evolve. It’s great to hear them performing together on their new single, “Not Over You” – they really do an amazing job of connecting with each other, and with their audience.

Natalie Jean is an award-winning singer-songwriter performer. She has been nominated over 100 times for her music and has won numerous awards. Most recently, she is nominated for her song “I Am” in the 2020 Hollywood Music and Media Awards.

Natalie is a Gold Medal Winner for her song “You Don’t Know Me” in the Global Music Awards. She won Versatile Artist of The Year in the 2019 Josie Music Awards. She writes and performs for many genres, which would include Jazz, R&B, Blues, Dance, Pop, Country, Americana, Inspirational, Rock, Rap, Heavy Metal, Americana, and Contemporary.

A 2018 CCMA Nominee, Rory Gardiner has appeared on multiple CMT nationally broadcast reality shows and shared the stage with many of top country acts, like Keith Urban. Rory’s original tunes have also been recorded by other artists, as well as being used for podcasts, mobile apps, and commercials airing daily throughout North America.

Natalie Jean and Rory Gardiner recently dropped “Not Over You”, written by Rory, and produced by Jeremy Fisher. This is an up-tempo and urgent Americana anthem, which as the title suggests, deals with a past love that you just can’t get out of your mind.

No one quite sounds like Natalie and Rory – he’s got a sure-footed country twang, she’s got a soulful rasp. If there were two unlikely voices that were meant to be together, it is these two.

With “Not Over You”, we have an interesting juxtaposition between the uplifting, and driving summery melody, and the rather regretful lyrics of someone not being able to forget a broken relationship.

The vocals really shine, while the instrumentation and production by Jeremy Fisher on this track, is so deliciously infectious, you will be playing it again and again, and probably be picturing a live version of Natalie and Rory singing together.

This song is an attention grabber with the title alone, but Natalie Jean and Rory Gardiner really know how to bring believable feelings to their music and they sing as if they mean every word. “Not Over You” is a beautifully polished piece of work with moments of great depth and meaning, which will delight fans far and wide.

The result is, hands down, one of the best Americana duet songs of 2020, and one both Natalie Jean and Rory Gardiner can be extremely proud of.

Connect with Natalie Jean – WEBSITE – INSTAGRAM @nataliej0819
Connect with Rory Gardiner – WEBSITE – INSTAGRAM @rorygardinermusic


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