NazB: “Ringtone” Ft. Macini – upbeat, fun and extremely well produced

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NazB is getting ready to set fire to 2016 with his upcoming summer album, ‘Turn Back the Time’, in the meantime he has dropped the album’s lead new single ‘Ring Tone’, featuring UK based Jamaican artist Macini. The music video sponsored by Ninebot Schweiz, is directed by Matteo Fabianni and was shot at Komplex Zurich, Switzerland.

The single cover
The single cover

With his trademark crazy lyrics, irresistible dance beats and catchy hooks, along with his unmistakable appeal and charisma, NazB comes across as fresh, different, and let’s face it, interesting.

If previous releases introduced the NazB to multiple genres of listeners, then ‘Ring Tone’ is definitely the wake-up call for those lagging behind. After having gone on this heart pumping, foot tapping, finger snapping, magical musical adventure, I believe not even the shyest, most conservative of folks can stop themselves from shaking, bumping, grinding to this track.

NazB who has been known to stand up for several social issues such as poverty, racism and religious discrimination in his songs, let’s go here – and it’s all about have a good time.  Together with Macini, he’s here to make your butt move, that’s what they do.

NazB and Macini
NazB and Macini

I’ve been listening to NazB for a while, and being someone who doesn’t listen to the radio too much and generally listens to more organic hip hop and not the poppy club stuff, I’m always surprised how NazB’s catchy stuff always engages me . ‘Ring Tone’ is definitely mainstream and poppy,  but it’s such a great club and summertime track, upbeat and fun, extremely well produced, and full of clever tight lyrics.

The fact of the matter is that NazB and Macini are phenomenal entertainers, with real rapping and singing ability to go with the great writing style used on this track.

‘Ring Tone’ is both inventive, and hard-hitting. It surprised me on a number of levels by being well-crafted, intense, and fun all at the same time!  The beat keeps you moving, and it’s something that most anyone can listen or dance to. This will definitely grow people’s interest for the upcoming album.


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