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Atmospheric, ethereal, moody, dark, progressive … these are all words that come to mind listening to the opening bars of “Paradox” – the latest track from Omar Bowing, featuring singer Tyson Yen. The music is as one would expect from this consummate composer and Guitarviol player – engulfing and entrancing. Using a whole host of rock driven instrumentation, it should not be surprising that the soundscape is lush, expansive and blasting.

“The idea of the song,” explains Bowing, “is about the recognition of the power of a Paradox to challenge or even destroy a concept, idea, belief, etc., that is already considered to be a fact. So what is a “truth”, who could we trust to be telling a “truth”, could we even trust ourselves? Our vision, awareness and understanding are limited to what we are willing to see, believe, work on, explore and learn,” says Bowing.

Well folks, this is easily the best piece of alternative rock work of this type, to come out this year by anyone. Period. I have been a fan of Omar Bowing for a while now, and I can positively say he has just about topped everything he has ever done with “Paradox”. The interesting thing here is the song crosses and brings together many influences, and places them together in an extremely unique blend that is only Omar Bowing.

He is simply brilliant. It may take some time for people to realize it, but one day they will. This is a fantastic release for die-hard fans of high quality, intense alt and progressive rock compositions, which blend a myriad of styles and instrumentation that will keep you entertained and wanting more. And Omar Bowing does it all in one 5 minute song.

“Paradox” is simply breathtaking in its composition and emotive power. It is all at once ominous, precious, theatrical and densely intricate. It traverses all the avenues and back alleys of Bowing’s Guitarviol sound. Haunting in both breadth and scope, it delivers the listener inexorably through its soaring transitions, with a willingness that far exceeds its length.

The Omar Bowing musical itinerary covers all of rock’s logistics, as he weaves something magical, monolithic and malevolent all at once. He really allows the music to shine through, while singer Tyson Yen delivers his vocal lines with such conviction, and with such ascending emotion. The poetry of the words sung, seeks nothing less than the transcendence of the ordinary.

I haven’t been very impressed with what we broadly call ‘popular music’ in the new millennium. Most of it sounds cloned, emotionally barren, and broken in some fundamental way, and because of all that, pointless. Omar Bowing’s “Paradox”, is such an amazing remedy to that feeling that I just cannot stop listening to it.

Somehow, Bowing always finds a way to satisfy every kind of musical craving I have in a way that few others can. There is certainly something to be said about an artist that can evoke all those feelings, emotions, and cravings the way Omar Bowing does.


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