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Van Alden is the deep, pop-noir music project of artist & clothing designer, Paul Abrahamian. Paul is recently known for his time on reality TV. His debut EP release, Van Alden, is a strong showing of a fully-modern singer & songwriter, bent on expressing life’s more intense and complicated emotions. The dark, moody, & synth-heavy sounds make the record feel like a lonely 3AM smoke on a rooftop in L.A.

Tracks like “Otherside,” “Boheme,” and “Never Die” are cinematic, living in their own all-encompassing world into which listeners are instantly pulled. Those who only know Abrahamian from his two consecutive seasons on Big Brother – will be impressed by the level of artistry displayed through Van Alden.

Van Alden is on radio rotation with the tracks “Sinners” and “Otherside”.


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