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Poet Vin is a talented rapper hailing from Texas, whose music is aimed at making waves in the underground rap scene. With a unique style that blends self-produced beats with lyrics about life and love, Poet Vin’s music offers a fresh thoughtful perspective on the genre. His lyrics are raw, honest, and introspective, often poetic in their approach, offering a profound glimpse into the mind of a talented artist. Writing, producing, and recording all of his tracks himself, gives Poet Vin complete control over his creative vision. The artist’s production process is driven by his passion for music, as well as his desire to bring his unique sound to life, along with the messages he wishes to dispense.

2023 sees Poet Vin invade the scene with his latest single “27 Club”. The song appears to be about avoiding the so-called “27 Club”, which refers to a group of popular musicians who died at the age of 27, often due to drug and alcohol abuse.

The lyrics express the fear of falling into addiction and becoming a part of this club, and the singer’s gratitude for the things that have helped them avoid this fate, such as therapy, friends, and writing.

Poet Vin also questions what others will do when his gone, but also mentions that he has avoided the “27 Club” by outrunning it, and suggests that some people may not be as real as they appear.

The song appears to be a mix of introspection, gratitude, and warning about the dangers of addiction. Poet Vin unfolds his conversational cadences and, in a low-toned voice, lists the activities that put him in danger with the “27 Club”, and those that rescued him.

“27 Club” reaffirms Poet Vin as one of rap’s most interesting portrayers of intense afflictions. The beat, which is built from despondent keyboard chords and, a steady, slow-burning drum thump, offers evidence of Poet Vin’s penchant for beats light on elements but unusually tantalizing in their sense of rhythm and atmosphere.

Poet Vin moves above trends and styles, claiming a corner of the hip-hop and rap scene that’s all his own. The result of his performance is a gripping portrait of one human being caught up in a myriad of temptations and struggles, while on an unrestrained trip through the corridors of his mind.

Poet Vin combines an ear for poetic language with a principled consciousness and a transparent persona, a formula that should snowball into a substantial underground fan base once they discover his distinctive technical and emotional wares.

Poet Vin’s art, as showcased on “27 Club” and many of his other works, delves into the quest for truth in life experiences, relationships, and societal norms that often hide it. He is a determined and scrupulous musical philosopher who isn’t afraid to separate truth from distractions.

In a world where artists are glorified for excessive and superficial overindulgences, Poet Vin has chosen to concentrate on a refined source of inspiration, a carefully curated mixture of musical, emotional and intellectual influence, and is continuously elevating his artistic expression within this exclusive realm.


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