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To hear Rawchaa’s latest single project is to witness a once promising artist and producer once again come into his own. Over “Backstabbers” ft. Fedarro, the burgeoning underground creator and performer doesn’t just switch up the template from his fantastic first release, “Dark Place”, or the superb follow-up, “Life”, he completely transcends those tracks. He has picked up the catchiest elements from his previous releases, putting together a distinctive and even more ambitious melodic sound. But just as you begin to bob your head, hum the tune, and turn your brain off, Rawchaa pleasantly surprises you with candid lines, and sharp punchlines.

The Detroit producer and artist, affiliated with Native Music Group reinforces his brand of thoughtful lyricism, keen storytelling, and then adds an excellent R&B melodic twist to the proceedings, with the collaboration of a stunning and soulful Fedarro.

The featured singer clearly knows his way around an earworm hook, and absolutely kills it on “Backstabbers”. The question is, how will one of rap’s most patient wordsmiths continue his streak of top class releases?

To know Rawchaa is to see an artist who aims for greatness, and on “Backstabbers” ft. Fedarro, he totally hits the mark. I was intrigued by this combo on name value alone, and both, Rawchaa and Fedarro, exceeded my expectations.

While Fedarro wraps his soulful voice around the melody, Rawchaa doesn’t waste a word. His rhyming will have you coming back for more. The song has a grittiness that can only be found in the underground, while there’s plenty of sheen and shine running over the top.

Forever impressed by his range. Rawchaa has such an ease to his lyricism, showing that he is a fluid wordsmith. It’s nice to hear a rapper find a momentum and stay on course. Rawchaa shows no signs of overindulgence, dropping just enough lines to set the mood, and then giving Fedarro plenty of room to do his thing.

Rawchaa is the kind of poet who uses concise, to-the-point imagery to give the listener a portrait of his thoughts, while allowing the beat to comfortably move around his words.

Backstabbers” ft. Fedarro is an intense song that moves without a hurry. Sharing excellent lyrical clarity, the artists’ confidence makes every bar sharp. Though Rawchaa takes rap back to its brilliant fundamentals, he has now added air of contemporary artistry to this track.

The melodic versatility permeating the artist’s discography has a substantial presence here. Moreover, Rawchaa muses without letting his ideas linger too long. He’s a thinker who doesn’t overthink his message.

Rawchaa has never been the kind of artist who seeks rambunctious soundscapes. Instead his meaningful brand of lyricism sits comfortably with ear-warming beats that grab listeners and holds their attention all the way through.

Backstabbers” ft. Fedarro is a declaration of authenticity and a dedication to delivering verisimilitude, engorged with energetic raps and brimming with melodic soulfulness. Rawchaa is at his most bare and his most mainstream, enabling us to understand the full spectrum of who he is.


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