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Miami’s Rill Lehigh teams up with Houston’s Kirko Bangz on “Bad Bih”, Kirko’s first single release since dropping his album “Now That You’re Here”. In support of the song, they also shot a video which is supposed to drop soon. Since its beginnings, hip-hop’s most explosive moments have often been its collaborations. When two rappers team up—unexpected or not—the results are compelling in a way no other genre has ever captured. The results can attention-grabbing even when they don’t quite work. And when they do work, as on this single, the best thing to do is just keep getting in that studio together.

Rill Lehigh and Kirko Bangz develop a kind of alchemy on “Bad Bih” – with two voices from two different worlds everything becomes more than the sum of its parts—which is why the track results in something special. It’s those connections between rappers who work together that make rap such a dynamic, versatile genre. Rill Lehigh and Kirko Bangz produce nothing but the best together here.

Kirko Bangz brings a song-song styled melodic twist to “Bad Bih”, while Rill Lehigh delivers his low-end subsonic growl which no-one else in the game has. The two styles juxtapose and play off each other beautifully.

Every few months, hip-hop experiences a shift in its sound. Whether fueled by artistic creativity or monetary gain, there are certain fads that exist in the genre when the industry recognizes what works, and everyone else clones the sound and style. What is always commendable is when an artist or group goes against the grain and records music unique to what the majority releases or what they feel the public is more willing to consume.

“Bad Bih” fits squarely in the middle of that aforementioned assumption. The overall melodic sound and hazy atmospheric, vibe of the production together with Kirko Bangz’ reverbed croon, is of the moment, and exactly what fans are craving. It’s Rill Lehigh who throws the original spanner in the works and goes against the grain of the trend. His delivery is all his own. Deep, atonal, and laidback, Rill’s low-voiced bellow is almost menacing its restrained coolness, a kind of rap version of James Earl Jones and Darth Vader.

This is exactly what makes the song standout above the noise. These two opposites bring a whole new blends of sounds to the game. It’s the kind of unusual pairing that can stand the test of time, as each artist brings their best diversity to the table. Kirko Bangz’ ability to drop slick tuned and melodically induced wordplay combined with Rill Lehigh deep-voiced, deceptively heavy raps is a pairing that feels in total control and balance.

“Bad Bih” creates a winning contrast between Rill Lehigh and Kirko Bangz, while the instincts they have in common, showcase elements that could lead to a certified banger. Together, it’s their differences that get exaggerated and it becomes captivating, as they’re truly individual artists at heart. Together, they bring out something in the other that only doubles down on their most affecting strengths.


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