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Prepare to immerse yourself in a dazzling dance odyssey as the illustrious DJ, Remixer, and Producer, ROMBE4T, once again unleashes his sonic prowess upon the electronic music cosmos. Following the resounding success of his chart-topping sensation ‘Disco Real Good,’ which held the coveted spot in the Beatport Hype House Top 100 for an awe-inspiring 35 consecutive days, ROMBE4T is back with a heart-rending tribute to his dearly departed feline companion – ‘Jax’s Groove.’


In an industry often characterized by transient trends, ROMBE4T emerges as a true master of musical individuality. ‘Jax’s Groove’ stands as a testament to this unwavering dedication to self-expression. At its core, the track is an exuberant celebration of life and the irreplaceable connections that enrich our existence. It’s a homage to Jax, the cherished cat who twirled and pounced his way into ROMBE4T’s heart, leaving an indelible mark that lingers through this pulsating anthem.

Picture yourself immersed in a world of glittering disco balls, electric energy, and a throbbing dancefloor beckoning you to surrender to its groove. ROMBE4T’s sonic tapestry is woven with finesse, as ‘Jax’s Groove’ propels you into a euphoric state of mind. The beats are infectious, the basslines reverberate through your very being, and the drums thump like a heartbeat synced with the rhythm of the universe itself.

Amidst the dazzling sonic aura, ROMBE4T’s signature touch becomes palpable. With a nod to the legends of soul, funk, and disco, ROMBE4T infuses his creation with an unmistakable charisma. Yet, he does so while maintaining the pristine clarity of a modern production wizard. The result? A track that transcends eras, a harmonious blend of nostalgia and innovation that sets dancefloors ablaze.

‘Jax’s Groove’ is meant to encapsulate the vivacious spirit of ROMBE4T’s feline companion, a carefree ball of fur whose presence brightened even his dullest days. So crafting this track was also a cathartic journey, a melodic memoir of their shared moments, and an ode to the boundless joy Jax exuded.

As the beat-driven euphoria of ‘Jax’s Groove’ envelops you, allow yourself to be captivated by the vibrant vocal hooks that beckon you to dance along, while the mind-bending scratching effect adds an extra dimension to the mix. ROMBE4T’s artistry extends beyond the audible – it’s an invitation to immerse yourself, to connect, and to embark on a dancefloor voyage unlike any other.

The cover artwork

The dance music galaxy has taken note of ROMBE4T’s meteoric rise, with luminaries like Milk&Sugar, Firebeatz, R3HAB, Benny Benassi, Mark Knight, Idris Elba, StoneBridge, David Penn, and Ben Liebrand, have all succumbed to the enchanting allure of ROMBE4T’s craft, rallying behind his sonic flag.

ROMBE4T’s resonance extends far beyond his heart-stirring originals. His role as an in-demand remixer for heavyweight artists has solidified his status as a true virtuoso. And as the beats flow and the melodies intertwine, ROMBE4T’s discography has amassed over 2 million streams across all platforms, an echoing testament to the global reverberations of his sonic craft.

In a world that often whirls in chaos, ROMBE4T’s music becomes a refuge – a place where joy, connection, and the rhythmic symphony of life converge. To step into ROMBE4T’s world, is to bask in the warmth of camaraderie, where friends gather, music ignites souls, and shared experiences paint the canvas of existence.

So, prepare to groove, to sway, to surrender. ‘Jax’s Groove’ is an invitation – a call to join   on a voyage through sound, rhythm and emotion. Let the beats propel you, the melodies embrace you, and the memories of Jax dance with you. It’s a testament to the power of music, the resilience of the human spirit, and the eternal connection between artist, inspiration, and listener. Are you ready to boogie? Let ‘Jax’s Groove’ be your guiding light, your dance partner, and your sonic sanctuary. The journey awaits, and ROMBE4T is here to lead the way.


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