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The ultimate goal of a motivational speaker is to change people profoundly on an emotional and/or mental level, and to help them make some kind of professional or personal change in their lives and within themselves. People naturally tend to focus on all their problems, and the motivational speaker will help people to focus on the many opportunities instead, by using any number of persuasive speech tactics to inspire and motivate. Motivational speech is art made into words, a powerful resource that goes beyond simply speaking well. Ronald Major is upcoming motivational speaker and author. His debut motivational EP, is entitled “The Fight”.

Almost like a hardcore rapper, Ronald Major delivers his inspiring ruminations with a hard-hitting delivery and words that pack an even greater punch. “The Fight” tackles real issues affecting real people. Through highs and lows, with eloquence and grace, the EP challenges you to bring the fight to life’s winding road.

A successful speaker is one who has something meaningful to say, penning words that will resonate with a broad audience. Ronald Major has achieved just that; in an increasingly polarized world at the hands of people who enjoy watching others fail. He cements himself as a critical commentator of a culture that blames its inadequacies and failings on outside sources.

“The Fight” is something you do within yourself first. This is a message that the EP strongly brings to the fore. Once you’ve beaten the internal conflicts within yourself, you’ll be able to take the fight to those outside sources hindering your progression in life.

Sonically rich and lyrically sharp Ronald Major’s spoken-word project feels like a deeply needed breath of fresh air in today’s tumultuous sociopolitical and cultural landscape, where giving up without a fight is almost par for the course.

Conscious of the everyday struggles that plague the masses. In a quest for the truth, Ronald Major exposes our failures, and in turn seeks to promote success by envisioning ways to reach our goals in our everyday lives despite the hardships we face.

In a period of great political, social and personal divide, Major couldn’t have chosen a better time to come out of the shadows. “The Fight” plays out like a rap album, not only because of the way Ronald Major poetically executes his empowering narratives, but because his words are underlined by some sweet beats, which keep the rhythm and momentum going.

For all intents and purposes this could easily be classified as a standard rap album. The main difference being that Ronald Major walks a higher path and swerves past the hype and the rhyme. He exchanges it for real talk, brutal honesty, and a stunning dose of positivity, at a time we need it most.

Bursting with hard-hitting commentary that pushes the woke meter past ten, and beaming with an air of straightforward honesty, you can feel the passion that Ronald Major has put into this project.

The spark that drives people to greatness is etched all over this album, so if you’re looking for some words that can inspire you to get onto the winning track, lay your ears on “It’s a Fight”, “Unexpected Blow”, “Its On”, “Faith Your Fears”, “Too Much”, “Why Fight”, “Aggression” and “Inner Me (Enemy)”. Few motivational speakers are able to conjugate music and message as effectively as Ronald Major does.

Connect with Ronald Major on Instagram @justronmajor and Tiktok @justronmajor

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