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Sarantos was nominated for the 2014 International Music & Entertainment Awards in the categories of “Rock Song of the Year” and “Pop Album of the Year,” kicks off 2015 with work on his sophomore album. This album will reflect the style the fans and fellow musicians felt best-suited to Sarantos as he veers into a classic mixture of 80s rock merged with today’s soft rock and pop music. However before beginning his grind on the genre, Sarantos thought he’d make the first song a New Age one. With his background as a youngster in the church choir, the Enya-type of song with a soothing and relaxing venture is what he wanted to do; hence the track, “Close Your Eyes”.

sarantos-lcitl-400This is a calm but inspirational relaxing song that is perfect to help erase the stress from your mind, body and soul,” says Sarantos. “I think this is what heaven would sound like. Hopefully on your way to heaven, the angels will be singing this song! I’m so excited to start releasing my sophomore album and I have listened to what the fans want. By the end of this CD, I feel like the fans will know so much more about me. So here we go…”

Spiritual, mysterious and emotionally evoking, “Close Your Eyes” is a must for anyone who has ever enjoyed an Enya track. It is very difficult to find the right words to impress how outstanding this song is. It grabs you and evokes an emotional deep connection and with each progressive bar, verse and chorus, the track becomes increasingly spellbinding and intoxicating.

Sarantos has once again raised the bar and manages to capture the soul of the New Age genre while progressing into new territory. The female backing vocals are perfectly matched and simply magical.

The track should also appeal to those that have ever enjoyed an encapsulating melody. As well as anyone who is spiritual and ever worked with Runes, “Close Your Eyes” delivers another tonal layer of understanding and interpretation that could never be spoken but only ever captured by music.

New age is a favored type of music for daily listening; it’s simply easy on the ear and on the soul and sometimes can be very exciting and inspiring. “Close Your Eyes” has soothing whispers of sound and color, perfect music for stargazing. There is a sense of pure enchantment when you listen to this.


As usual, 33% of any music-related sales profits from this song are going straight to charity. This time around its for Cystic Fibrosis.


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